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Hello there!

My name is Bianca and I have a confession to make: this is the third (yes, third) blog I create.

I am a writer.

And while most of my articles are scattered around the vast blogosphere, all of my books are for the time being, exclusively in my head. Or somewhere between the pages of the 1075699 notebooks, Moleskines & agendas I proudly own 🙂

Depending on me winning over my procrastination & quitting tendencies, chances are 50% – 50%: this it may be the last or the longest blog for me (lucky number 3). I’ve decided to make it a personal bet and give it my best shot.

Also, as part of the above mentioned bet, I promised myself that:

1// I’ll keep this blog a secret for at least 6 months (meaning I won’t tell my family or friends about it, I won’t spread the news on social media about it…I will just keep on writing and letting it follow its own destiny). Okay, I saw that raised eye-brow and before you question me on my mental sanity, I will tell you in my defense that this secret keeping is actually meant to offer me a decent gate to exit, in case those nasty tendencies of leaving things unfinished, reappear and make me lose focus.

2// I envisage this to be a lifestyle blog. In my little corner of the virtual world, this place will be a gallery of beautiful pictures, happy feelings, random thoughts, positive vibes, glimpses of family bliss, discoveries & explorations of the depths of my soul.

3// Zero negativity tolerance. The world is what it is, with ups and downs, with comedy & tragedy, with drama & negative energy drifting from one corner of the world to the other. But here, on Urban Zen Living, my aim is to create an oasis of beauty, of positivity & genuine closeness. Here is the place for spending hours talking about the good and bright side of life, here is where you get a friendly pat on your shoulder and you receive the warmest hug and a strong encouragement to believe in yourself – always – and to follow your own path in life. To have it your way.

And if the Universe will magically orchestrate that our paths, yours and mine, should cross and meet here, then your presence is more than welcome for as long as you wish. I will pull up a chair for you, make you a virtual cup of tea and hope we’ll enjoy our time together.

Sending positive vibes your way,

Bianca Zen 2



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