Have a great weekend!

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Cheers to a long weekend! What are you up to?

I plan to hang out with my daughter & husband at a local coffee shop we frequently spend our weekend mornings. I love it there. It’s beautiful and relaxing, the staff is young and friendly and our little one has enough space to play & explore. Plus the music selection is always great.

Next stop will be at two of my all time favorite bookstores in Bucharest in search for a cool birthday gift and some books to tame my never-ending reading hunger. In the evening, my husband and I will head out to our beloved music club for a surprise birthday party and some drinks & dancing with our friends.

Sundays are always reserved for family time and delicious long lunches with those we love most.

It’s a simple life made out of simple pleasures.


Delicacy in a pot(Photos source/ via: tierdropp / Liza Lou. Untitled , 2012 via nearlya / ss-sugar)

Good coffee, music, books, flowers, places I love and most importantly – people I love.

I’ve had the same circle of friends for a long time, not because I’m not keen on having new ones, but because with time, I’ve become more selective about who I am spending my time with. I am eager to discover new places, but am equally loyal to several places I consider my second home.

There are constants in life, just as there are a few variables.

Whether it is outdoor adventure you’re seeking or you rather embrace the comfort of lazy weekends at home, the key to living happily is finding out what feels right for you and then to pursue just that, day after day. In other words, spend your time wisely (at least on weekends) with those who matter and do whatever makes you happy.

Wishing you a great weekend ahead and see you all on Monday!

Bianca Zen 2


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