Long day, good day, one nasty pattern away

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Daily Zen Living
PrayingImage via freestylehippiesoul

It’s been a long day today, busy as it gets on a cool & sunny Autumn Monday.

Plain water in the morning followed by a quick health check-up at the hospital (no biggie), then straight back home: coffee & breakfast, emails, phone calls, orders, emails, phone calls, deadlines, special orders, shipping, emails…lunch…then repeat.

But the highlight was this: in the morning, while heading to the hospital, I asked God to help me out with nasty pattern I keep on experiencing and can’t seem to get rid of.

You know those annoying patterns (like negative thoughts, self-sabotaging actions, disappointing experiences & people etc.) that keep showing up in our lives and though we tend to believe we’ve learned the lesson by now, we keep on having the same experience over and over again, until we reach to the same point – puzzled and helpless and asking God Almighty for help? Well, that kind of pattern.

Reaching a dead end again, I felt frustrated and discouraged, but just before stepping into the “Poor little me” shoes as I normally would, I said to myself: “Dear God, help me out on this. I have no idea what it is I must learn or understand or transform. Please, please help me. Please do this…for me.” And as I was saying those words, I really meant them: “Help me out of this. Please, take my burden off my shoulders.”

And it happened!

First of all I felt better – body & mind, I felt tension dissipating from my body and my mind became suddenly more quiet and peaceful. No more questions, no more drama.

When I returned home, I found more evidence in my inbox. No news changed into good news, silence into heartfelt responses, stagnation and idleness turned into motion.

The world smiled at me once again.

And as I write this post, I am still smiling back after a long day.  In my heart, I know I am not alone,  as none of us ever is.

So my dear virtual friends, whatever it is you believe in, be sure in your heart, that help is provided once you ask for it and most importantly: once you allow it to enter your life.


Sending positive vibes your way,

Bianca Zen 2


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