Lucky Charms

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Evil eye

I don’t know about you, but I do believe in magic, energy and lucky charms.

I have a “lucky” ring, I constantly wear a “magic”-bringing bracelet and a carry around with me a small wooden Archangel Michael painting for protection. I am also fascinated by crystals and other natural beauties provided by Mother Earth. Every once in a while and especially before big events in my life, I repeat positive affirmations and mantras and try to focus as much as I can on positive aspects in (my) life, rather than on negative ones.

I hear football players and many great athletes wear their lucky underwear during important matches, while famous designers have different rituals before Fashion Week shows in order to boost positive vibes & get the best reviews on their new collections.

From stuffed animals to lucky coins, to new haircuts or all-white/black outfits, from red strings to the more traditional four leaf clovers, amulets, crystals and evil eye charms, these little helpers are meant to calm us down, protect us and help us achieve success in various endeavors.

In a way I think it’s natural: when we’re longing for protection or good luck for instance, we tend to turn to external material and tangible objects, as if the mere existence of them is a guarantee for us getting what we wish and pray for.

Naive Superstition aside, I personally believe it is not the object that has super-powers, but the energy we invest in it.

We surround ourselves with different kind of objects or practice quirky rituals only to bring ourselves in the perfect state of mind so as to attract/feel/experience what we desire – good luck, positivity, good vibes, creativity, abundance, protection, inspiration, peace of mind etc.

Now back to you: do you believe in lucky charms? Do you have one? And if yes, what is it? Is there something you wear all the time or something you do before an important event in your life?

Wishing you a lucky afternoon,

Bianca Zen 2

Photos source/ via: Ring by Michele Lamy & Loree Rodkin & Image via thepoetryofmaterialthings // Amulet Image source here // Evil Eye & Hamsa Tatoo here

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