Switch gears. Change your plan. Adjust as you go.

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Branch out

Okay. Let’s sit down for a minute.

I have a confession to make: as strange as it sounds, I tried my best to write in my native language – Romanian, and it just doesn’t work out for me. I feel awkward , I feel less inspired, less coherent, less…less. So, that’s it.

I’m changing my plan.

I realized how uncomfortable I feel when facing a blank page post and trying to pour my heart out in the language of my soul. I’m weak and vulnerable and it just doesn’t feel right.

Also, the other day I was checking out one of my favorite bloggers out there and see what she’s been up to for the past weeks. What I love most about her writing is that she creates a certain atmosphere, something like: mystery + femme fatale + tobacco  & incense flavor+ a dash of witchcraft kind of mood.

And she does all that while talking about random daily life happenings or showcasing things that inspire her…all in Romanian. She does it perfectly. She’s a storyteller and a mood-creator. Simply fascinating.

But there it was…she started writing in English…one post, two posts and the magic was gone.

Her unique way of writing suddenly disappeared.

Inevitably, this change of plan made me think of myself and my writing. I re-read old posts of mine written in English and with no false modesty, I really fell in love with them. Then I compared them with the ones written in Romanian and  I must say, they seem…mediocre at best for what I try to express.

So, with no further ado, I shall continue writing in whatever language feels comfortable to me, in this case it’s English,…’cause after all, this blog is a personal time capsule.

And if by chance, you find yourself in similar circumstances as I am, facing a decision you’re avoiding to make, here’s a little friendly piece of advice for you:

  1. Do whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable and authentic.
  2. Make adjustments wherever needed. 
  3. Switch gears if you have to.
  4. Change your plan with no regrets.
  5. Find your voice. Stay true to yourself and make no compromise.

Thank you for tuning in and I’ll be back soon, all happy and inspired!

Bianca Zen 2

*Image via SS-ugar



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