Change your mood. Change your day.

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Daily Zen Living


Maybe you’ve been grumpy or under the weather lately. Maybe it’s this thing with Mercury retrograde again.

Maybe you’re just tired. Maybe it’s the rainy weather outside.

Whatever it is…take a break from it all!

This was me on Monday morning…one of those days when I secretly wished to shut off the outside world and just crawl back under the covers of my comfy bed.

The weather outside agreed with me: it was raining cats and dogs.

Unfortunately, I had a big list of things to do around the house, plus another one filled with errands to run across town. Again, it was cold and raining and I felt exhausted even before I stepped out of bed.

Then this crazy idea came to mind: what if I could just turn things around and enjoy a beautiful day? What if for a minute I could ignore the urge to postpone everything and just take it one chore at the time?

What if I could turn boring into doable and pleasurable?

You know what? I did just that.

I said “No!” to boredom, exhaustion & grumpiness and I said “Yes!” to positive energy and joie de vivre. In other words…

Good vibes

I consciously & deliberately changed my mood.

And you can do that too. In fact, you should do that too!

Why waste another day feeling miserable, unhappy, bored, irritable?

Why not choose what is best for you (meaning choose a better mood, a more positive attitude and outcome of your day)?

Why not say:”Sorry. This pessimistic attitude isn’t going to get me very far. So, today I choose differently. I choose to be in another energy, in a better shape and a better mood.”

I choose what’s best for me.

We both know that we are gifted with the most wonderful present in the world and that is the freedom to choose: the free will. So, why not use it to our advantage?

I, for instance decided not to waste another day of my life just because it was…Monday. And raining. And just because I woke up feeling tired and overwhelmed.

I chose differently because my moodiness is never productive. It doesn’t bring me anything, except for a headache and a horrible feeling of guilt.

Change your mood so that you can change your day.


I ended up taking my rain boots and a colorful umbrella out for a walk. I ended up humming a happy song while walking in the rain. I turned up smiling while getting things done – the very same things I dreaded a couple of hours  earlier when I woke up all moody and blue. Yes, it’s doable. And I am going to say it again:

Change your mood to change your day.

Choose what is best for you.

Just do it.

Stop making excuses. Stop blaming and complaining.

Start doing. One chore at a time.

Be productive. Act smart.

Stay positive. Change your mood. Make an effort.

Just do it.

At the end of the day you’ll be grateful. You’ll be thankful for having had the lucidity to act wisely and have changed things (or moods) to your advantage.

You’ll feel empowered, energetic, full of life. You’ll go to bed all happy and proud of yourself.

At least, that’s how I felt at the end of my day. And I 100% trust that You Can Do It Too!

Sending positive vibes your way,

Bianca Zen 2

*Photos via blancuie & MyDubio


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