Show up. Have faith. Do the work.

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Zen Office Hours

Show up

True fact: I haven’t been around (writing) because whenever I start even thinking about writing a  new post, waves of procrastination & fake keep-me-busy activities tend to flood my universe.

So, days go by with me being way too busy to even consider writing a word. Then of course, I realize I’m repeating the same ol’ pattern and feel guilty about it. Guilt then leads me to more passivity and guess what: not a word gets written (or published) for days.

Enter: I will just do it.

I will just take one hour each morning and write. Just like that. No strings attached, no worries about what other people will think of me, no alarm going off in my head with the imminent question “What if my writing sucks?”.

New Doors


You know those nasty habits we all seem to have, that keep showing up in our lives, especially in those areas we are most passionate about?

That’s me & my writing. It’s what I love doing most and it’s the very thing that I keep running from.

“Why?”, you ask? Well, the answer is simple: say “Hello” to the Three Musketeers -> Fear, Doubt & Confusion.

These fellows seem to be stalking me everywhere and showing their ugly heads, as much as they possibly can. Of course, it’s all my fault for letting them in. That’s why I am now on a mission to kick them out of my life and make room for new tenants: Creativity, Inspiration and Faith.

I know I’m on the right track by committing to show up. In fact, my intuition keeps on repeating:

Show up.

Have faith.

Do the work.

Only this time, I plan to actually listen to it and take responsibility for what I declare myself to be: a writer.

Fingers crossed, my friends! Tomorrow will be my first day of SHOWING UP.

Come join me over coffee, will you?

Bianca Zen 2Photos via:  ssugarpurestik


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