YOU are in charge with your life

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Heart to Heart


Guess what? I’m here!
I’m doing what I said I would do: I’m showing up and writing.

Good morning, friends!

Yesterday’s post left me with mixed feelings: on one hand, I felt relieved to have been completely sincere with you (and with myself for that matter) and on the other hand, I felt the heaviness of my promise. You know, once you make a personal and public commitment, you don’t want to take it back.

So, you must deliver. You must show up. You must do what you said you’ll do.
That’s where resistance and fear rush in and try to make you change your mind. Well, in my case they didn’t.

This time I was stronger, because you know what?! I’m so-so-so tired of making the same mistakes, repeating the same hurtful, noxious patterns and limiting beliefs, that I just want something different for myself.

I want to feel in charge with my life.

I want to manifest only the best of things for me & my loved ones.

I want to serve a higher purpose and to be of service for people around me.

And if that means I have to change myself, re-commit to myself, learn, let go and show up here every single day, then oh, yes! I will do that!

I don’t want to get to that point in my life when I realize how much time I have wasted and invested in things/people/activities that didn’t serve my higher purpose. In my heart, I know exactly (as each one of us does) what it is I came to do and bring into this world.

My deepest desire is to provide a certain kind of writing to people, so that they can feel inspired, empowered and entitled to change their lives for the better.

And yes, it has come to my mind that I too have to change in the process. But that’s the good news, because now I know that on my journey to self-discovery, transformation and living my life with purpose, you will be right next to me, doing the same thing for you.

Thank you for being here!

Sending much love your way,
Bianca Zen 2

*Photo credit: PERNILLE TEISBAEK by Athe-streetstyle via naimabarcelona

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