Searching for a sense of purpose

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Heart to Heart / Zen Office Hours


Last night I was thinking about what it means to have a sense of purpose. We all see these incredible talented artists, gifted musicians, inspired writers, amazing self-motivated athletes around us and think: “Oh my God! They’ve nailed it! They know exactly what their true calling is and they’re doing just that: honoring their personal mission!”

Over the years, I’ve been blessed to meet and personally know a few people like that and I must tell you, it is a privilege to sit down with them and talk and hear out their stories. You see them standing next to you and you can feel their passion, their unsettling inner fire and limitless motivation. And you can clearly see those sparks in their eyes.

I want that too. I want that to be me as well.

A sense of purpose is all we want and look for in our lives.

A sense of meaning is what we all seek through our entire lives.

We want to leave a mark on this planet and to feel like our personal journey is what it is for a certain reason. We hope that all of our struggle hasn’t been in vain, but that it actually serves as an example for others to follow and be inspired by.

We don’t want to live for nothing.

We don’t want to feel like nothing. We don’t want our lives to be about nothing.

We want to matter, to serve, to be of help, to be something to someone. We all want to live life with and for a purpose.

So, how do we do that?
We sit down and write. We take a piece of paper or a napkin or a post-it and we write down the answer to this question:

What is the greatest thing I can generously offer to the world I live in?

My first answer was LOVE, followed by ‘healing’, followed by ‘counseling’. These were my answers. One thing led to another and now I have a clear vision of what it is I want to offer (most) to this world.

If you were looking for a sign to ask yourself the same question, THIS IS IT. This is your sign.

It is not by accident that you stopped by and read this blog post. Maybe you already know what you’re true calling is, maybe you just need a friendly reminder to continue doing what you were meant to do. Maybe you are disappointed or sad or blue, because your professional/private life isn’t what you expect it to be.

Maybe you are feeling frustrated because you know deep down in your heart that what you are currently doing isn’t what you are supposed to do. Maybe you just need a push to start building those dreams of yours and serve your true purpose. Well, THIS IS IT. This is your sign.

Sit down, grab a pen and answer that question. Listen to your heart, follow your intuition. Open your heart and let those answers be heard one more time.

Sending you my very best wishes and much love,

Bianca Zen 2


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