I’m done with pretending (and I hope you are too!)

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Heart to Heart


Today, something out of the blue hit me like a lighting bolt.

I wasn’t doing anything special, just scrolling down on my phone, when this idea popped into my head:

I am done with pretending.

A simple phrase, appearing out of nowhere, was enough to shift decades of destructive paradigms and holograms of my “perfect self”.

Piles of evident and well-hidden insecurities, a full arsenal of excuses and a dense chunk of resentments for what I am and for what I am not…deleted in the blink of an eye.

I am done with perfection.

I am done with bending over backwards. I am done with people pleasing at all costs. I am done with making others a priority on my list, while considering myself as an option. I am done with this sh*t.

I’m done with adjusting my behavior to the moods/needs/wants of others.

I’m done, because after all these years I’ve come to realize that the only approval I need and long for is my own, and not that of others.

I’m done with making myself feel small, so that others can feel big and good about themselves.

I’m done with perfection because I’m okay with not having all the answers.

I am sooo done with dreaming my life away and putting it on hold until I have that income, that business, that weight, that house, that body.

I’m done with perfection, because I finally admit that I’m not Wonder Woman, but I’m only humanly me.

I am done.

I’m done with “big dreams” that feel as someone else’s dreams and visions of “making it”.

I am done with energy sucking, drama producing, low energy spreading people, with whom I have nothing in common. I’m done because I value much, much more what I think of myself, rather than what others may feel/say/think of me.

I am done with false pretense & great expectations and all those what if’s.

Fears, limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging tendencies, cover-ups, doubts…I’ve had it with you!

I am done. Finito. The end.

Oh, yes! And now the sweet taste of freedom!

The incredible lightness that comes with the decision of honoring yourself. Embracing and celebrating yourself for what you are and accepting yourself for what you are not.

That, my dear readers, is a magical, freedom setting, wings discovering, empowering moment.

The moment you realize that you are not standing in your way anymore is 100% magical.

I encourage you to do your own list of “I’m done with..”.

Do it right now! Take a moment just to yourself and write it all down, let it all out.

Pour out your heart. Dig up and discover whatever is hidden beneath that beautiful painted social mask of yours. Let it all out.

Write it all down, look at it, acknowledge it and then set yourself free.

Sending much love your way,

Bianca Zen 2

*Photo credit (and yes, that’s me right there in the picture) by Christina One

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