Shifting perspectives: the beginning of a new era

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Heart to Heart

Changing perspectives

What is it about self-respect that makes it so hard to bear?
What is it about us paying attention and showing respect only to what’s outside of us?
What is it about our refusal to tend to our needs first, before satisfying the needs of others?

As mothers and wives we know the answers to these questions: it’s the self-sacrifice, the love and the commitment we have for our families. As professionals, it’s willingness to succeed and the eagerness to prove that we’re competent, skilled, self-motivated, fueled and results-driven.

The truth is beyond these answers and it’s actually showing how much we suffer. Internally. It’s showing that our life is in desperate need for a magic shift.

You see, I check out facebook statuses, tweets and Instagram pictures, I read self-improvement books and I watch Ted Talks & other inspirational videos and everywhere I look, with no exception, I see how many of us are feeling lost, hurt, discouraged, estranged and helpless.

People around the globe are in search for a sign, a leader and maybe a miraculous formula to heal themselves and to mend their broken hearts. I see it everywhere. I even see it in myself.
I see their disappointment, I hear their inner cry and I feel their continuous struggle. And I know that the prime source for all this pain is the lack of self-respect and the lack of self-love.

Lack of self-love and self-respect represent the main source for all those sleepless nights; it’s the very thing that fills your eyes with tears and embitters your mind with negative thoughts, regrets and hopelessness.

The lack of self-love, self-respect and appreciation of who we are, is our condemnation and it sentence us to a joyless, empty life on autopilot.

So, what are we going to do about it? Will we stand there with crossed arms and do nothing? Will we let all that doubt, all that fear eat us alive? Will we let this absurd sense of unworthiness get the best out of us? Will we let our inner light be swallowed by an ocean of darkness and misery?

Or will we stand up, change our perspectives, get out of our minds and listen to that beautiful, pure heart of ours?

My heart says: “No more of this!”, my heart sings with joy as I follow her calling. My heart tells me every morning and every night to tend to my needs, to make those changes that make me happy & healthy and at peace.

Contrary to the common belief it is not an act of selfishness to love, to respect and to take care of ourselves. In fact, I think it’s absolutely ridiculous and irresponsible that we still think that. Look where it got us so far: in a state of self-created isolation and collective agony.

Tend to your heart.
Tend to your needs and wants.
Nurture your body. Nourish your inner garden.

Heal what’s broken. Replace old mentalities with new ones, better ones & wiser ones.
Pay attention to yourself as you do with any other person next to you.

Take the time. Do the work. Stand up for yourself.
Embrace yourself with love, with care and self-respect.

Heal yourself from inside out. Be responsible and caring.
And don’t forget: YOU are the most important person in your life.

Sending much love & light your way,
Bianca Zen 2


*Photo credit: ‘Everything is Worthless Again’ by Gwen Cunningham / via unmazzodifiori

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