Acceptance – Welcome to the Bright Side of Life

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Heart to Heart


Dear friends,

I really want to share this with you: I’m going through a wonderful new stage in my life.

All these years of introspection, of continuous inner work and self-healing are finally starting to pay off. I can feel it: I’m in phase of my life right now, when I accept everything as it is. Less questioning, less doubt, more faith and more acceptance.

Today, I went outside for a walk and while I was admiring the beautiful late autumn scenery, I suddenly realized that in life, as in nature, everything seems to fall into place, eventually.

There is sunshine and there is blizzard, there are sunny days filled with laughter and rainy days filled with melancholia, but at the end of a cycle, there are those wonderful days when everything is peaceful and in perfect harmony.

This is exactly how I feel right now: at the end of a cycle, in the middle of an ocean of calmness, acceptance and serenity. I understand today, maybe more than ever, that every lesson and every storm in my life has had its reason.

All those roadblocks on the way, all those emotional bruises from adolescence to adulthood, all those inherent disappointments (we all go through them) and all those situations that I labeled as being negative, frustrating, painful etc.,  have brought me where I am today and made me who I am as a person.

So, I accept where I stand today and look up, not down, when I take my walk. I look up and see the sky and I know that I’ve always been protected and taken care of. Every second of my life.

Thinking about the future brings me, at this point of my life, feelings of joy and enthusiasm. I know there may be other challenges waiting around the corner, but I accept them already as being part of the process (and beauty) of life.

As for now, I just want to dwell in acceptance and to enjoy sailing on this beautiful ocean called Life.

Sending you peace and love, wherever you are,
Bianca Zen 2


*image source: Miriam at mitsuave

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