Start Where You Are Now: The World is Our Canvas

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Heart to Heart / Zen Office Hours
The world is our canvasPainting: Unfinished Poem by amazing artist Anca Gray

Dear friends,

I have a confession to make: I am a recovering control-freak.

In the past, I used to be (with reminiscences till this very day) the master of planning ahead, of intensive research, of preparing in advance, the perfect early bird, arriving early at every meeting, with a satisfied grin smile on my face and with all my homework done .

Nowadays, I embrace more and more of my free-spirit-bohemian-go-with-the-flow side and by doing so, I unexpectedly add more fun and color to my life.

This is one of the reasons why I am so easy-going & relaxed when it comes to this blog – I adjust things as I go and I don’t let myself get distracted by nasty thoughts like “I should have done this or that” or “My blog should look like this”. Also, I try to avoid any kind of pressure, so I rarely check out stats. It’s not because I don’t care who’s reading (I do care), but it makes me feel nervous and self-conscious, so I refuse to be in that energy.

You see, I’ve been thinking and I’d rather be on my way, crafting and living my *imperfect* dream, day by day, than planning & hoping, wishing & dreaming my life away.

This is a call to action.

If you, my dear reader, are here with me today, then know that this message is for you too:

Start where you are now. Focus on what’s already here, not on what’s missing.
Make good use of the talents, tools, ideas and resources you have today. Transform your ideas into actions.

Don’t forget that I still have a blank “About me” page on this blog waiting to be filled in and that this hasn’t stopped me from writing 35 posts so far. As I said: I adjust as I go.

When I decided to launch this blog, my third one (yes, I know! it still feels awkward to say that), I promised myself that my writing will come first – no matter the form, no matter how many readers/ followers/ visitors & no matter what plug-ins I have/don’t have.

The most important thing for me is that my message gets through. To YOU. To whomever is out there right now, trying to decide whether to start living his dream today or to postpone it to an indefinite tomorrow.

I say this with all my heart: start living it right now.

Cherish this moment, this unique opportunity. Be brave, trust your intuition and take the leap. Start small and then gradually evolve into big, into great, into awesome.

Life will meet you halfway, as I always say. Life will lend you a helping hand.Your courage to start, your efforts and your commitment will pay off, maybe even sooner than expected.

Just do what you got to do. Start writing that book, start that blog you’ve been dreaming about, bake those cookies and sell them online, buy that sewing machine and start working on that creative project of yours.

Whatever it is…start doing it right now. Because you know what?

Momentum creates momentum.

One step today will bring you closer. One step tomorrow will bring you farther. Another step the day after tomorrow will create a routine and next thing you know, you’ll be on your way far, far away, beyond your wildest dreams.

Sending much love your way,
Bianca Zen 2



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