From Fear to Love: Making Life A Dream Come True

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Nocturne in Black and Gold The Falling Rocket, James WhistlerPainting: Nocturne in Black and Gold: The Falling Rocket, James Whistler

Dear friends,

The last couple of days have been amazing, both exciting and challenging.

Between moments of writing, creating and running my business, plus taking care of my family & dealing with a stiff neck (that’s the least amazing part, haha!), I received an (un)expected call, which later, after more discussions, led to a job offer that I wholeheartedly accepted.

My dream to become a writer has come true and I realize now, that it all started when I took the decision not only to act like a writer, but to actually be one. In other words, I started writing in a professional, self-disciplined, on-schedule manner.

The call wasn’t for a book deal (I’m not there yet), but it was a job offering for writing for an international online platform as a full-time employee.

The concept of this platform involves what I love most doing: spreading good vibes & writing inspirational/ uplifting content, while combining different cultures, as well as products & services from all corners of the world. Once it launches, I will share the link with you, so that you can see exactly what I’m talking about.

It’s amazing. And the best part is that I can work from wherever I have an Internet connection. No office hours, no getting ready for work in a hurry, no cubicles, none of that. Just me and my laptop. And an incredible team to manage via Skype & modern technology. I’ll say it again: it’s a dream come true. Beyond my wildest imagination, beyond my most daring plans and hopes.

My prayers have been answered and Life has taken me by surprise once again. And what a great surprise it is!

Okay, so now that you know all about it, here comes my message for you:

No matter where you are now in your life, trust that everything is possible.

It’s not a cliché and it’s no New Age mumbo-jumbo: it’s something I’ve lived and experienced. I am the living proof, among so many other people who saw their dreams manifest into reality, and I can firmly attest that what you dream today can come true tomorrow.

In the light of past events, I truly believe that:

Each and every dream has a 100% success rate to become real.

It is up to us to bring it alive: not only to keep dreaming & wishing it, but to craft it, to fuel it and to support it until it becomes reality.

A dream is an incertitude until reality transforms it into a certitude.

But reality isn’t something out there, ready to be changed by the Fairy Godmother or by the generosity of Gods – reality, as magic, it’s something we create.

We mustn’t forget that we are the designers of our lives and that with this incredible gift, comes responsibility and hard-work and commitment.

I know it is much easier to stay in your pj’s and dream your life away. I’ve been there too. And I must tell you that it wasn’t a happy place for me: I was head-in-the-clouds naive, dreaming that opportunities will just come knocking at my door, while I was doing nothing, but waiting for them to appear. Then I became bitter, frustrated and depressed, and considered myself a victim of circumstances and of bad luck. I felt like it was never my turn and watched others making it, which between you and me, made me more bitter and green with envy. Yes, my passivity brought the worst out of me.

It was only when I began to realize that I am not a victim, but the actual screenwriter and director of my life (and the leading lady), that things started to change and to improve in my life. I got better jobs, more supportive friends and a very loving partner. Life turned brighter and happier, as soon as I took full responsibility of my thoughts, my actions and my daily life experiences. Emotionally speaking, I grew stronger and felt more confident in myself and in life. I knew that whatever was coming my way, be it good or bad, I would find a way to manage, handle and learn something out of it.

The shift from fear to love took place gradually, in the span of a couple of years, but then again time was the price I was willing to pay, as long as I felt better and better.

Life began to be not only liveable, but enjoyable.

Today, I stand before you and reiterate the fact that everything is possible. I know for sure that within each and every one of us lies the power to change our lives and make it amazing.

And it all starts with shifting your perspective and change places form a space of fear (lack, inadequacy, self-consciousness, contraction) to a place of love (self-confidence, determination, responsibility, empowerment, expansion).

We will be talking more on this subject in future blog posts, but before I go, I encourage you to take a moment to yourself today and write down all the things (or at least, the essential ones) that you would do if you weren’t afraid. From your dream job, to your dream partner, from taking trips around the world or starting your own business, you name it: what would your ideal life be like if you weren’t afraid or think it isn’t possible?

Who would you be today if you had no fears, but only love and lust for life?

What would your life be like if fear wasn’t an option?

If you care to share your answers with me, please leave me a comment below. I’ll be happy to read all about it!

Sending much love and inspiration your way,
Bianca Zen 2


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