Procrastination Days: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

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Work on your dream

Dear friends,

I’ve been doing almost nothing up until now: it’s about 11.30 a.m. and I’ve spent my morning doing whatever (mostly procrastinating via social media & youtube) and not writing a single word.

I am a procrastinator. I admit that I have a semi-organized/semi-chaotic schedule and that all I want is to find that magic routine that works for me and stick to it.

For the time being, all I can do is to complain about it, read about it and to try to keep it at a decent level, before procrastination invades most of my time these days. I wonder:

What is it about procrastination that keeps us in a headlock?

Procrastination is like junk food for me. I hate it, but I somehow always return and indulge in it.
Then I feel miserable and guilty and I return to my healthier habits. Then I repeat the situation above. Over and over again.

Today I want to get to the bottom of it (man, I just had a big sugar-y piece of candy, while writing this. You see? Junk food & sugar + procrastination go together. Sigh!).

Okay, I got this! I won’t let myself get distracted. I will finish this post and by the end of it, I will find my way out of this crappy situation.

Let me ask you something: is it me or do you also feel that procrastination is just a side-effect of fear? Fear of change, fear of commitment, fear of doing what you’re supposed to do, fear of putting yourself out there? What do you think?

I smell fear in the air when it comes to my writing. Not fear as in doubting my writing skills, but fear of becoming who I really am and doing what I am meant to be doing – writing, in my case.

I know this may be confusing and maybe you’re facing the same situation: one day you are screaming from the top of the mountains that you are this or that, and the next day, you’re feeling meh!, uninspired and eager to procrastinate as much as you can.

So what do we do about it? I say:

We choose differently.

As each new day brings a new chance to do things differently, each moment too delivers the same option – to choose differently. With this idea in mind, I choose differently right now. I am aware that I’ve been successfully procrastinating for the last few days (and even this morning), but right now, I choose differently – I choose to do my soul’s work. I choose to write and to share with you how I deal with procrastination.

I will sit here in my chair until I finish writing this post and then I will just jump in and write another one for tomorrow. I won’t let procrastination get the best out of me and you shouldn’t either.

Enter: commitment &  motivation check.

No matter what your heart’s calling/ passion/ work is about: maybe you’re an artist or a spiritual healer, maybe you’re a work-from-home mom & entrepreneur, maybe you’re a wannabe designer or a blogger or a baker; you must ask & find an answer to your big “WHY” (as Leonie Dawson suggests).

Why are you doing this? Why do you want this?

What is it within you that makes you dream about becoming a successful writer/baker/blogger/entrepreneur/ yoga teacher etc.?

Once you pass your personal answers like: “I want to create a beautiful life for me & my family doing what I love” etc.), ask yourself again: WHY?

If you’re like me and if you pay attention, your next answer will be something like this: “Because I want to help. Because I want to serve & to inspire others. Because I want to be of service. Because I want to put something good & beautiful & inspirational out in the world. Because I want to leave my mark. “

Those answers right there are a goldmine. That’s your real motivation, that’s the fuel for your dreams/ calling/ passion to come true. That is what will help you turn your so-called hobby into your profession & day-by-day reality.

Recap: choose differently & check your motivation.

Reconnect with your highest goal. Write it down if you need to, then go make some magic.

Go do your own thing. Turn off facebook, stop tweeting and pinning, stop goggling. Go bake something, go write on your blog, go paint, go make something pretty.

Take your dream one step forward. Move ahead and stop letting procrastination and the mother of all evils – fear, invade your precious space & steal your precious time.

Okay guys, are we ready? Let’s do this!
I’m going to write my next post for tomorrow and I trust you will do the same: work on that dream of yours.

Sending you lots of positive energy & inspiration.
Fingers crossed,
Bianca Zen 2

 *Photo via imagination-is-independent

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