Knowing When & What To Ask For: My New Year’s Resolution

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Kim KeeverPhotography by Kim Keever

Dear friends,

It’s that time of the year.

As cheesy as it sounds, I like resolutions and making plans…and yes, dreaming big!

But somehow, this year feels different, as the one waiting to start feels too. I thought about choosing a word, a single word to describe everything that I want and pray for for the next year to happen, but nothing seemed to satisfy my search.

Until one rainy afternoon, when I was invited to “Jingle and Mingle” by two of my friends, who are the owners and creators of BONE Jewellery. Right there and then, between laughter and heart-warming stories, in a space of beauty and serenity (at BONE’s showroom to be precise), I was introduced to their new collection divinely-named: “The Alchemy of Love”.

My heart felt instantly in love with a minimalist string bracelet and I knew right then and there, that I have found my word & my resolution for next year. The silver charm has been hand-engraved with this word: THE TRUTH.

The Truth is my sole resolution for next year.

I want to speak my truth.

I wish to build and to create my own truth. And most importantly, I want to shine my truth in everything I say and do.

The Truth is everything I wish for and hope for.

Now I wear my Truth on my wrist as a reminder of my engagement and magic word for 2015.

I believe that there comes a time in our life and a moment in our spiritual development, when we understand exactly who we are and what our mission within this world is. This is a moment of utmost importance, because it is at this specific crossroad that we have to decide whether to return to our old path or to create a new one.

We may choose to return to being our old selves and by that to change nothing, or to continue our journey on the road to self-discovery and self-elevation.

I am exactly beyond that point in my life, where I have made the decision to continue my inner work and to re-create myself in the most positive and enlightening manner.

My outer freedom comes from the progress I make within.

That’s why The Truth bracelet resonated with me on-the-spot. It reminded me of all these years of constantly searching for myself through the world, when it was actually within me that I had to look and find my answers. It reminded me of my journey, of my tug of war, my downfalls, all those mishappenings and all those lessons I had to learn and take in.

It is exactly the search for the truth, my very own truth, that made me move forward and evolve into the person I am today. I’ve come to realize that:

My radical stimulus is the Truth.

And that will be my catalyst for next year as well.

What about you, my dear readers? Have you made your list of resolutions for next year? Have you already chosen a word or a vibe for 2015?

Do share them with me in the comment section below. I’d be more than happy to read all about it.

Wishing you a great afternoon,

Bianca Zen 2




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