Enjoy the Silence (Before it Gets All Crazy Again!)

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Daily Zen Living


Dear friends,

Imagine this: a white candle burning, the perfume of an Indian incense stick filling the air, traditional Rajasthan music playing in the background and me, home alone, sitting in my silky pj’s while planning and daydreaming the year ahead. Next to me is a big cup of Oolong tea and a big, colored notebook.

It’s a pretty scenery: peaceful, serene and intimate. I fully indulge in the comfort of my improvised home-office, where dreams are discovered, planned and shaped into reality.

It’s a quiet day for me, when all I want is a moment of silence, of reconnection and meditation. It’s one of those days when all I long for is the privacy, comfort and intimacy of my own company.

Maybe you can relate to this…before the world will go crazy & in work-mode again on Monday, all you want is a pause to recalibrate and to charge your batteries.

Maybe you need some alone time, maybe you just want to stay in bed and watch a Downton Abbey/ The Mentalist/ Suits marathon. I get it. I’m in that phase too.

So, without any fear of inadequacy or resistance, I suggest we do just that. Even if it seems we’re not doing much. Even if people around us are looking busy and alert and energetic.

I believe it is utterly important that every now and then, we take our phones and switch them off and shut off the outside world as well, at least for a couple of hours if not for more.

Every once in awhile, I think we deserve some downtime before we get into the “boxing” ring again. Me-time is quiet time. Me-time is quality time.

And I am not going to feel guilty about it. And neither should you. Let’s demand what is rightfully ours: a moment to breathe, a moment to pause from everything that’s going on around us and in our lives and just be.

My Zen suggestions for today are these:

  • Reconnect to the world within you.
  • Gather your thoughts. Take your time to rest.
  • Think things over. Evaluate your options and priorities for this year.
  • Decide where and who you want to be at this moment of your life.
  • Regroup. Reassemble the most important pieces of your existence, both in your private and in your professional life. Regain focus and seek clarity.

And then let it all breathe for a minute and allow it to settle in.

You don’t have to do anything else. Just enjoy your own company and press “pause”.

Sending you much love,

Bianca Zen 2

*image by *Nishe via rustic.meets.vintage

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