This Year is Ours: Get Ready to Be Dazzled!

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Daily Zen Living / Heart to Heart

New year, new chance

Dear friends,

At the time I am writing this post, you may or may not be awake yet.
It’s way too early, even for me, but I didn’t want to miss the sunrise today.

You see, waking up early is part of the new phase I am in & along with giving up coffee (which I already did), these new healthier habits have a place and a meaning in a bigger plan.

And the plan is: to make this year MY YEAR! The brightest, happiest, most magical year there ever was, at least so far!

Would you care to join me? This is an open invitation. Anyone can join me & everyone is invited!

Let’s make this year OUR YEAR!

Let’s make it matter! It’s our turn now.
Let’s have it all!

Let’s have everything we ever wished for & let’s have it this year!
Let’s not waste time anymore.

Forget about us playing small. Erase what other people may or may not think about us. Other people’s opinions are just that: other people’s opinions – they cannot be controlled and almost never entirely pleased.

So, let’s leave self-consciousness behind. Let others waste their precious time by whining & feeling miserable about their lives.

We don’t have time for this! We are on a mission!

Our mission is to press “play” to the life we’ve been dreaming about. You know…the secret life we’re living in the back of our minds, the “One day I will do this and be that…” kind of life.

Let’s do this now. Let’s not waste another second.

This year is our year!

This year we send “I can’t” right where it came from and we welcome “I can & I will” instead. This year we will see the Possible in the impossible and work our magic.

This year we’re firing “doubt” and we’re hiring “Confidence”, “Faith” and “Strength”.

This very year is about making a statement about who we are and what we’re worth. It’s also about creating a benchmark for the life of our dreams and setting a positive example for others, so that they too, can have it all!

Happiness. Love.
Inspiration. Peacefulness.

Perfect balance & harmony in both our private & professional lives.
Clarity. Vision. Strategy. Sense of purpose.

And always, but always passion for life!

This year we will be unstoppable. Fearless. Daring. Fierce.
This year is ours! We are finally ready!

Game on!

Bianca Zen 2 *image from vintageprep.

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