Addicted to Life: Welcome Each Day with Open Arms

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Daily Zen Living

Magic in every day

At 6 am, on a random Tuesday morning, you may think the world is quiet and still sleeping. Well, it’s not! It’s buzzing like a beehive.

Looking out my window at this early hour, I can see groups of people waiting for the bus, walking at hurried pace or jogging to the nearby park.

Lights are on in most apartments across the street. The world seems up and running.

I see a woman crossing the street to where she has parked her car. She’s nicely dressed and seems to be in a hurry. I wonder when did she get up this morning, how early and how did she do it. I’m still sleepy and had to fight myself not to hit the snooze button this morning.

Surely, you will say it’s nothing abnormal: people wake up early, jump in the shower, get dressed and hurry to get to work. That’s just what adults do.

Yes, but my question is what drives us out of our comfy beds every morning?
“Our paycheck”, you may answer. 🙂 Agree, but what else?

Is it maybe the unconscious hope that today will be different? Better? Happier?

Is it maybe the undeniable desire to live and live fully, that makes us want to start over again each morning?

Is it the lust for life, as crazy as it is at times, that we’re actually addicted to and we want more of each new day?

Addicted to life.

I like the sound of it.

I would like to be asked some day:”What is it that drives you out of the bed every morning?” and to answer:”Addiction to Life, of course!”

I think we should all consider this answer. I believe it applies to our good days and not so good days, both sunny and moody days, normal days and special-event kind of days.

The addiction to life is what keeps me in motion. It is the never-ending fascination I have for life that makes me crave for more.

All these different shades, all the subtleties and undertones that make life so unique, so wonderful and even scary at times, are simply irresistible.

So yes, my answer is this. We go to sleep at night, maybe feeling tired, disappointed, out of place, heart-broken or exhausted after a long day, and we wake up the next morning eager for more. For more action, more love, more vibrations and…more life!

Namaste, dear friends! It’s a beautiful day today!
Bianca Zen 2

*image via loveminimalstyle

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