Dreams Become Real When Action Is Taken

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Take action

Rise and shine, dear friends! It’s a new day!

Here I am, at 6.40 in the morning, texting with my best friend wishing each other “A great day ahead!”.

At this hour, we are both working. She’s in her studio and I’m here, across town, at my desk and we are on! We are, as she says, up and running!

You see, yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting another great person – a visionary and a spirited creative mind, with a lot of heart, a lot of passion and drive for what she’s bringing forth and releasing out in the world.

Her name is Dana (find her here, at The Color Stalker) and she’s one of those people who have sparkle in their eyes when they talk about their job…which isn’t just a job really, but part of their identity. She’s a dreamer and a doer.

One of the highlights of our discussion (oh, there were so many!) was taking action when it comes to our dreams. That’s the Nr. 1 thing we both agreed on, that is key for a dream to come true.

Action is the oxygen for a dream to breathe and to come alive.

Every dream needs fuel and a support system to come and to stay alive. And action is just that.
Constant action, step by step, one-day-at-a-time action.

The more you do every day, the closer you are to making your dream possible.

It’s such a waste to see how many dreams are thrown away to the dumpster. Dreams that would have made a big difference in someone’s life.

Perseverance, consistency and taking action are the wings for our dreams.

Don’t get me wrong – we’ve all been there, facing fear & doubts and being unable to answer all those “How’s?”.

“How do I do that?”, “It’s impossible!”
“Where do I take the money from?”

“How do I make it work?”
“How will I be able to support myself?”

I totally get it, really! I’ve been there too. One too many times.

But you must trust me on this when I say that, once you’re committed to craft your dream into reality, things will start moving. You will meet the right people, opportunities will come your way and things will gradually work out (gradually, not overnight).

There is no magic formula and yet, these seem to be the magic ingredients of all success stories I’ve seen and heard about: patience, hard-work, commitment, determination, Action.

Start the engine and take your dream out for a ride into the world.

Do it now, do it today. Take the next step. Move in the direction of your dream.
Tomorrow do the same. Show up, take action, be one step ahead.

Don’t let fear or anyone else tell you it’s impossible. Nothing is impossible.

In the grand scheme of Life, everything is possible, doable & achievable.

And so is your dream, but you must believe in it hard enough (and crazy enough) to see it and to live it.

And you must take action.
Every. Single. Day.

Namaste, dear friends! It’s a great day today!
Go start the engine!

Bianca Zen 2*image by purpleemoon

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