Zen Weekend in Pictures: Enjoying The Simple Things In Life

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Daily Zen Living / Zen Family Bliss

One day at the museum

Dear friends,

Just a quick “Hello” from my part while everyone in my family is taking their afternoon nap.
Everyone except me.

Here I am at my desk with a cup of aromatic Moroccan tea in hand (I have an obsession with tea, can you tell?), with my headphones on, simply enjoying a moment of not-doing-much, while listening to ’70s Italian music.

It’s a quiet, sunny afternoon, one that I fully embrace and take in.

This weekend was about discovering hidden treasures of past decades and enjoying three new expositions at the National Museum of History. It was about cooking & baking with our 2 year old daughter, setting candlelight dinners, taking evening walks around the block, while our little one spotted & jumped in all the puddles she could find.

It’s not much that I am asking from life, but simple moments of family bliss, contentment and genuine closeness.

In life it’s the details that matter.

How you spend your time & who you spend your days with, especially your weekends, says a lot about what matters most in your life.

As for me it’s these simple moments right here. These unplanned, relaxed, in-the-now moments with those I love. Our meals, our talks, our walks & our time together. That is my happiness in a nutshell.

Wishing you a happy Sunday afternoon & see you all here tomorrow,

Bianca Zen 2


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