My Morning Routine: How I Live A Zen & Productive Day Every Day

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Daily Zen Living

Rise & shine

Good morning, everybody!

It’s snowing here in Bucharest! Again.

As an early riser, seeing the amount of snow and the empty streets feels like a privilege – like a private preview of what today will be like.

What I love most about waking up early is that I get the chance to prepare in advance for the day that’s about to start. Sometimes I will jump out of bed before the alarm clock goes off, happy and excited to be living a new day. Sometimes, on the other hand, I wake up sleepy and a bit grumpy for no reason, and that’s the moment I take most advantage of and take these couple of hours I have, to change my mood and to set a different tone for the day.

These hours feel like a bonus to me: I get to do whatever I want with no rush. I put my headphones on, listen to my favorite music, I put the kettle on to make some tea, gather my thoughts and just enjoy the silence. Simply wonderful.

I feel energized only by talking about this morning routine.

Next I open my laptop and start writing. I get minimum one hour (if not two) in the morning just to write. Things. A lot of them. Like this post right here.

Just before 8 o’clock things become animated again: my family gets up (i.e. my husband and my little one). The conquest to win over the bathroom becomes active. Just kidding.

There is plenty of time for all of us to take a shower and to prepare for a simple, but tasty breakfast that we enjoy eating together, before my guy leaves for work and I start mine in my home office. Like I said  on numerous other occasions:

It’s a simple life made out of simple pleasures.

For me to start the day with a couple of hours just for myself is amazing. I have enough time to do whatever I please and to get in the right mood before everyone else is awake. Then:

I’m ready to conquer the world! 🙂

Take today for instance: I don’t feel the stress of a Monday morning like I normally would, I don’t experience the pressure of starting a new week feeling unprepared or the rush to tend to my ever-growing to-do list. I feel none of it, because I have plenty of time to get everything done later on.

As for now, since it is only 7 am, I will just pour myself another cup of tea and take my notebook out for a free writing session.

What about you, dear friends? Have you ever thought of becoming an early riser like me? Or are you already one? And will you share with me your morning routine? How do you prepare for the day that’s about to start?

Wishing you a great day ahead,

*image via thegiftsoflifeBianca Zen 2

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