Introducing A New Category: People On My Team

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People On My Team

Ariel Dearie Flowers

Dear friends,

The following is a brief-long introduction to what will be a new category on this blog.

“People On My Team” was created from a space of deep gratitude for having had the chance of meeting amazing people in my life.

This series of short interviews will be featuring people I highly admire and am constantly inspired by.

Some are already good friends of mine and some I have yet to discover more of, but what they all have in common is a beautiful soul and a childlike, pure outlook on life.

People on my team are creative spirits fascinated with life, coming both from artistic and corporate avenues.

These are people with a certain je ne sais quoi you can’t get enough of, who light up the room, any room, with their beautiful energy. 

They are charismatic, smart and witty and talking to them feels like checking in at an emotional spa. “People On My Team” are dream-makers and go-getters, game-changers and self-made people, who own what they are and walk their talk.

People on my team have nothing to lose, but everything to win.

They work with and from the heart, sharing pieces of themselves with others, because that’s just the way they are. Their kindness is genuine and comes natural; there is nothing fixed, extra-polished or photoshopped about them. There are no tricks & no hidden agendas.

I could talk forever about them – that’s how much I adore their presence & admire their uniqueness. But before I finish this presentation, I will only add one more thing about them: Goosebumps.

All these people, with no exception, give me goosebumps whenever we meet & talk. They fill my heart with positive, heartwarming emotions, as I recognize the beautiful light in them.

It is in the presence of these amazing people, that I feel most alive, empowered and motivated to do good and to do better.

That is what “People On My Team” do to you. They inspire you to be a better person, to find your own voice and to always work from the heart in the direction of your dreams.

Excited to discover who are the people on my team? Yaaay! Can’t wait for you to meet them! Tomorrow we’ll start off with M., one of my favourite wordsmiths out there.

See you soon,

Bianca Zen 2

 *image & concept by Ariel Dearie Flowers


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