Zen Moments: Creating A Happier Life Over Dinner

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Dear friends,

Even though it’s still bright and early, I’m already asking myself and planning what’s for dinner tonight.

For us, as a little family of three, family dinners have turned from eating in a rush (oh, well! that was just me & my husband when we were younger), to extraordinary culinary experiences that we enjoy cooking together, and most importantly, we love eating together. Seated. All three of us, around the family table.

And before I’m starting to sound like my mother, I will just add that it’s not about the setting, the food or the wine: it’s all about that magic moment of being together after a long day. Okay, it’s about the wine too! 🙂 You see, in our family:

We don’t plan memories; we create memorable moments by actually living them.

The simple act of gathering around the table, the anticipation of a tasty meal and an even tastier conversation, the forethought of preparing the best of what we have available…that is something I’m looking forward living every single day.

We’re both working, my husband and I, and Zara, my little one has her own schedule throughout the day, so in the evening, when we finally get together: that’s our golden moment.

Nowadays we’re starting a new tradition: we’re thinking of picking out a day of the week, most probably it will be on a Friday evening, and we’re planning to invite our extended family (read friends) over for dinner.

It seems to me that in these crazy times, we are all far too busy, constantly on the go, constantly hustling, constantly late for something. And that’s not a living, at least not a happy one, from where I’m standing.

The idea of getting together around the same table and not in front of our keyboards, having some laughs and sharing the highlights of the week with those we love most, while enjoying good food and drinks, is something I’m really thrilled about.

Connection. Genuine closeness. Real life communication (read offline). And food. Home-made, love-poured-into, delicious food. That too, is an experience I’m looking forward having.

So, my dear Zen folks out there, what’s for dinner tonight? Why not take this friendly suggestion and start your own thing, in your own rhythm. Maybe you’re working way too much to even consider cooking dinner for yourself, let alone host a dinner for your friends. But! The important thing here, is to remember that:

Life is to be lived, to be fully enjoyed, tasted and savored.

Go over to your parents’ house. Have dinner with them, if they live close by (unfortunately, ours are miles away). Call your best friends, have them over for dinner.

Set the table, put some music on, light some candles, set the mood. Do it your way. And don’t worry about what you’ll be serving; that’s not the point here (unless it’s McDo).

“It’s when we manage to stop worrying about making a living, that we start actually living.”

With that in mind, I will wrap up this post and start calling my friends. We’ve got something special going on tonight: a family dinner!

Have a great day today, my friends, and bon appétit!

Bianca Zen 2
Image above: my daughter having tea (yes! that’s tea in a champagne glass), while cooking dinner together

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