Zen Vibes On A Monday Morning: Bring It On

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Daily Zen Living


White Orchids by Bill Mangold

A new day, a new week. Are you ready?
Good morning, everybody! How are you today?

I’m up and running, while my family is still asleep, and I’m planning the week ahead. Or should I say, it’s not much of planning that I’m doing, but rather getting ready for this new week. I believe —

In life one needs a bit of preparation before diving into the unknown.

That is to say, you need at least a moment to catch your breath, gather your thoughts, put yourself in a positive mindset and then get ready to welcome what life may have in store for you. Also, always leave enough space for the unexpected to happen.

But how do we do that? How do we get ready to welcome a new day? A new week? A new adventure? Well, I think:

The most important thing is to set the right tone.

Or the right mood. For instance, if I wake up grumpy (oh, yeah! it happens), the first thing on my list is to transcend and change that mood. Feeling grumpy is totally unproductive for me. I can’t work well when I’m grumpy, let alone be a bearable company for those around me.

People get up early to exercise, to meditate, to pray or to enjoy a slow-motion start in the day. In essence, it’s all about preparing in advance for the day that’s about to start.

Some turn to mantras or positive affirmations, while others read a passage from their favourite book. Some people turn up the volume & play their “put-me-in-a-good-mood” playlists. And others, just enjoy a moment of silence and the company of their own thoughts. For me it’s a mix of all the above (less the exercise part, but I’m getting there soon). I say:

Do whatever works for you!

Take at least 10 minutes to yourself each morning to get ready for the day. Set the right tone. Clear up whatever negativity shows up and bring out that smile of yours & the confidence that whatever may happen today, you will handle it.

As with everything else in life, the way we start & welcome each day is a matter of choice. So, choose well. Act smart and choose what’s best for you.

Grumpiness, overall negativity, boredom, apathy, frustration or stress aren’t smart choices for you or for anybody else. They bring out the worst in us and attract more of what we don’t want in our life.

Choose joy instead, choose self-confidence, joie de vivre, enthusiasm, vitality and positive, creative energy.

Wishing you a great start in the week & a wonderful day ahead!
Namaste, dear friends! It’s a beautiful Monday morning!

*image credit: Bill Mangold – White OrchidsBianca Zen 2

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