Call To Action: Plug Your Dreams Into Reality

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Daily Zen Living / Zen Office Hours

Corporate people gather round! I’ve got a thing to discuss with you.
Okay, students are welcome too. In fact, whoever is reading this, please come closer.

You know that dream of yours? The one we’ve been talking about over and over on this blog? The big, big dream you’ve been secretly fueling in the back of your mind, wishing and hoping that maybe someday you will be living it?

Newsflash: chances are, it’s not going to happen! Sorry to drop this bomb on you, but it’s the truth and I thought you may want to look the truth straight in the eye.

Rewind to yesterday evening.

I was in the middle of a free writing session, prioritising my own life, trying to find a place for my dreams between my wants & needs and daily life demands (read costs, bills, etc.). I thought about postponing some of my dreams to an indefinite tomorrow, until I would get enough time, enough money and enough professional freedom to make them come true.

That, I thought, would be the wisest decision to make: to postpone them until…until all the right planets and stars will perfectly line up & the Fairy Godmother will knock on my door and generously fulfill at least three of my dearest wishes. Newsflash again: that’s never going to happen!

Moment of enlightenment:
Add a sense of possibility to your dreams.

How can something become real if you don’t believe it’s possible & doable?

You dream of becoming a freelancer? It’s possible! You dream of moving to Bali and becoming a writer (that’s me)? It’s doable!  You dream of quitting your corporate job and opening your own restaurant? That too is possible!

In fact, people do it all the time. Yes, those crazy people, the dreamers and the rebels, those creative, courageous & at times, insane people. They do it all the time. We read about them in the newspaper, we hang on to every word they say, we sigh and we secretly wish that was us right there in the interview. Then we fold the newspaper, put it aside and we return to our life and forget all about it. Until the next interview, until the next success story we read or hear about. Between these moments, life happens and years go by. And we’re still sitting at the same desk, reading the same newspaper and dreaming our life away.

Wake-up call:
It’s time to live or leave your dream.

It’s about time to combine daily life with daily daydreaming and to plug your dream into reality. Also, while you’re there:

Transform your dream into a viable reality.

Time isn’t running in our favour, you know. We got to do something about it. And the sooner, the better.

This is a crucial decision everyone has to make: we have to choose between pursuing the biggest, scariest, brightest adventure there ever was and turn our lives around, or to accept that we are not bold & crazy enough to take the big plunge and to actually go after our dream. But before making that decision, you have to remember that:

Sometimes our dreams come a size too big for us to handle.

We have to adjust our lives to the size of our dreams. You see, I totally get it. Really, I do.
I still have the same fears as you do, the same responsibilities and the same amount of pragmatism to keep me stuck in a world of questions and incertitudes.

Luckily, in the middle of all this doubting and questioning, a quote came to mind and it made a world of difference. In the light of what has been said above, this quote was what made me decide to take the big leap:

“If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs.” – Tony Gaskins

Wishing you a great day ahead & lots of inspiration,

Bianca Zen 2* image source: Cliff Briggie 

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