Press “Pause”: It’s Time For A Zen Moment

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Daily Zen Living

My Zen Moment JanuaryDear friends,

As I’m writing this post, I’m sitting in a coffee shop & I’m enjoying a second cup of tea. I’m looking around me – the place is half full of people, some are sitting down, some are coming in to order their coffees to go.

Everybody is doing something: texting, working on their laptops, checking out their facebook profile every 2 seconds, then texting some more. No one is looking up, everybody is absorbed by their gadgets & screens. Even when they are placing their orders, they are barely looking at the barista, let alone smile at him or wish him a good day.

The music playing in the background is soft and serene, my guess it is Bach, but it seems that no one is interested or paying any attention to it. They are way too busy doing stuff.

I look outside the window, take a sip of my wonderful tea and wonder:
My God, when did this happen?

When did we become so “digitized”?

Don’t get me wrong: as much as I hate to admit it, I too am a byproduct of this insane digital era. My work, my thoughts, my daily activities are somehow tied to modern technology and social media. I am not necessarily a fan, but I am for sure a constant user and consumer.

To prove my point, I will also add that sometimes I feel as if my mobile phone is an extension of me…like an individual body part. Pretty scary, huh?

More questions are coming in:

When did we stop…pausing?

When did we stop taking breaks from whatever we’re doing; real breaks, just to enjoy a good cup of tea, beautiful music and a much-deserved moment of silence?
When did we stop having real conversations – face-to-face & not-checking-your-iPhone-every-2-seconds conversations with the person next to us?

Sadly, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I could go on and on with my questions, theories and philosophies, but I got a better idea. Here’s a proposition for you:

Let’s infuse some balance into our digital governed lives.

Let’s just enjoy a moment of silence. Daily. Just like that.
We can take 10 minutes off to enjoy a cup of coffee (that’s tea for me) or up to an hour, to walk, to read, to write or even to do nothing. Let’s switch our phones off and do just that.

Are we on? I’m making a public commitment and promise myself that I will be taking a *Zen Moment* each day, starting with today.

So, my dear Zen readers: let’s enjoy it, let’s truly immerse in our moment of silence. Our daily Zen Moment. Breathe in, breathe out…here it goes!

Wishing you a great day ahead,
Bianca Zen 2


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