Cheers To A Lovely Zen Weekend

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Cheers to a Zen Weekend

Dear friends,

Let’s talk: fun.

Things around here seem to be a little too serious. At least, sometimes. Sure, we’re talking about matters of the heart, overall self-improvement and about living our dreams, but still…let’s have some fun, dear ones! After all, today is Friday and the weekend is just about to start.

What are you up to? Any special plans for the weekend?
Here’s what I have in mind: tonight we’re heading over to a friend’s house for dinner and tomorrow, I am secretly planning to sleep in (all this waking up at 6 am is…damn challenging!). Also, Medine recently sent me this delicious looking Apple Upside-Down Cake recipe, that I want to try out, so baking with my daughter is on the list as well. Sweeping floors afterwards is probably next.

On Sunday morning, we’re heading to check out a retrospective on Symbolism & Tattoos, which I’ve been planning to see for quite some time now. I am also dreaming of a big cup of tea and some downtime at my new favorite teashop/ library/ hang out place in Bucharest, Seneca AntiCafe.

Simple life, simple pleasures. That’s my plan.

Here are my suggestions for a Zen weekend:

1. Go out. If you’re into books and fancy some quiet time, check out Seneca AntiCafe. It’s really great. They have books to sell, books to read on the spot, wifi, tea, snacks, fruits, a super cozy atmosphere and…you only pay for the time you spend there. 8 lei (1.78 euro) per hour.

2. Enjoy. If you’re not much of a baker these cookies will make you feel like a pro. I promise. I make them all the time with my daughter (she’s 2 years old) and they turn out all right every time.

3. Read. As an undercover bookworm that I am, I constantly encourage everyone to read as much as they can. Knowledge is power. Always.
From books to eBooks, from Huffington Post‘s articles or the wonderful archive at Brain Pickings, there is always something new to discover.

4. Relax. For the obvious reasons.
Remember this week’s post? That’s what I am talking about.

5.  Feel good. Whether you are the sporty type, always on-the-run, or the stay-in-bed-read-and-do-nothing-else type, set this simple intention for this weekend: to feel good. To enjoy the little luxuries in life with those you love most. Take good care of yourself and do more of what you love.

Have a super relaxing weekend!
Stay warm & stay Zen,
Bianca Zen 2



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