Wanderlust On Monday: Bring Me Flowers From India

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Zen World

Flower Man 2

Good morning, dear friends!

How is everybody? Did you have a nice weekend?

At the moment I’m writing this post, it’s still bright and early (actually the sun hasn’t come up yet) and I’m still in weekend mode. And in my pyjamas.

Today I wanted to make the transition from Sunday to Monday a little bit sweeter, so I thought of taking you with me on my magic carpet & fly us over to India. What do you think? Care to join me? Okay, find a comfortable place to sit, grab a tea and come along with me at the Mallick Ghat Flower Market in Calcutta.

I recently discovered Ken Hermann, a talented Danish photographer, who’s work has taken him around the world “from secluded regions of India and Ethiopia to the big city landscapes of New York”.

“The Flower Man” series features glimpses of those who work at the Mallick Ghat Flower Market in Calcutta, one of the biggest and oldest markets in India. Flowers represent an essential part of India’s lifestyle and culture and are widely used in rituals, festivals and on special occasions. It is said, that there are about two thousands vendors at the Mallick Ghat Flower Market, who sell garlands of marigolds, enormous bunches of mango leaves and handfuls of jasmine & sunflowers every day. Just imagine the sight!

My husband and I have been living a month in India in 2010, but back then, Calcutta wasn’t part of our traveling itinerary. However, we plan to return to India with our daughter somewhere in the near future and we will surely visit Calcutta on our next trip there.

In the meantime, here is a little feast for our eyes.
Namaste, dear friends! Hope you enjoy it,
Bianca Zen 2 © Image credit: Ken Hermann ↓ via honestlywtf

Flower Man 5Flower Man 6Flower Man 4Flower Man 7


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