People On My Team: Cristina

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People On My Team

Maluuj Tropical

Dear friends,

I stumbled upon Cristina’s colorful corner of the web a few weeks ago and from the first clicks I was captivated. I knew right then and there that I had to reach out and meet the creative mind behind the Maluuj brand. And so I did.

A few emails later, I discovered that my intuition was right: Cristina is one of those special people, who spread positive energy all around them and aim to make this world a happier & brighter place.

Young, dynamic and passion-driven, Cristina is a hip designer, a talented illustrator and an emerging entrepreneur. As you will discover between the lines below, she’s a well-humored, well-intentioned and good-hearted person.

Without further ado, here is Ep. 2 from the *People On My Team* series. Dear friends, meet Cristina:

1// What is something you look forward doing every day?

Well… first let me tell you how my day HAS to start, so that everything turns out perfectly :)) I have this 6 steps routine that always keeps me going in the right track.

  1. First! I really, really need to feel some cold water on my face; this is the only thing that wakes me up for real, believe me, I am a complete zombie till I do this! I’ve been blessed with some really intense dreams that are too hard to leave behind even when I’m supposed to be awake.
  2. After that I’m all happy to receive my daily embrace from my boyfriend.
  3. Then coffee.
  4. Then I have to feed the ring dove that lives in the tree outside my kitchen window, he waits for me on the A/C box, eager to receive his cereals. He always makes me smile.
  5. Documenting 20 minutes on Pinterest with the crème de la crème of design.
  6. And the last onem. I have to make a facebook image post from scratch for my latest deco project.

These are the things I look forward doing every day, because after that the rest is a complete surprise. But be sure, if a new project awaits for me around the corner, I will receive it with a big smile on my face.

2// What is it about life/work that brings sparks of excitement in your eyes?

Hmm…you know what?! It’s something that I didn’t have the chance to discuss with anyone else till now, let’s say… an epiphany…I hope you know what I mean.

It’s about a one of a kind emotion and state of mind. It happened to me when I had a really, really, really great idea, a life changing one, not just an awesome idea or a lovely one. Maluuj Sera

I am talking about a unique idea that can be breath-taking and amazing and after you find it, it becomes the thing you instantly start working for on and on, for an indefinite time. After you do your research over the internet, you reach to the conclusion that maybe 1 or 2 people on the entire globe had a glimpse of your idea, just a fraction from yours and they put it in practice & it worked like magic! I had this feeling twice in 27 years and I hope, I really do, to experience it again.

Well, that was the ,,big one” and it’s not actually about sparks of excitement, but rather about the fire of excitement :)) As for, sparks of excitement – I have them on a daily basis and most of the time. I cannot do stuff, create things or work on projects that don’t make me nervous or really happy. That’s how I’m built.

I cannot make any compromises with my own happiness. If it’s something that doesn’t get me excited, then I take it as a challenge and make it exciting.

3// What do you love most about your life/work?

Somehow I am trying to connect my work with what I believe to be the most important fact of life: having and creating feelings. If I make an illustration, my intention is to generate an instant peaceful thought or a smile for those how see it. Or, if I have a graphic design project with a client, I try to make the client feel confident, proud and happy of the project and results that he will receive.

If I make a project through Donez Design (n.r. charitable design studio), I know for sure that my work will produce happiness and it will fulfill a need for someone who is less fortunate. If I make an object, I want the person who receives it to experience a cozy feeling and a pleasant tactile emotion.

My personal zest for life is always related to work and I know that if I keep on working and spreading positive energy in all I do, I will always have a special something going on 😀 Maluuj Catrinta

On the personal side, I have a lot of little things that make me happy. I laugh a lot, for big and small reasons, I always smile, I just love when my friends call me to tell me that they miss me, (I do that too, a lot), I love to cook and to have someone over for dinner, I love to compliment my grandma on the phone and thank her for a fresh bread that she sends me over from 200 km, I love when my boyfriend brings me a pretty leaf from the park in the morning; the accomplishment feeling after something I made is ready, to grow ideas, to be happy for a friend that accomplished something, and to get a complete pissed off stranger to smile while being stuck in traffic.

It even excites me when I don’t have everything that I need at my disposal, because then I have the chance to be creative.

4// Joie de vivre and fascination with life. Where does yours come from?

From everything around me! From a pretty glass, a pretty armoire, to a pretty computer or an image. Everything has to be pretty, or at least interesting in order to fascinate you, doesn’t it? So this is what I do. I collect pretty things and pretty people, pretty books and pretty creatures :))

5// The not-so-great days. We all have them. How do you scratch self-doubt or procrastination from your list?

Well… if I have something on my mind that makes me doubt myself, I have two secret helpers who don’t let me think less of myself: my boyfriend and Cristina, the best mood fixer ever!

In college I had also a large puffy dress, with a big black bow on it, that made me happy in a second :)) I called it ,, the sadness dress”. I never wore it on any other occasions. Because I’m self-employed, I also have the liberty of taking some time off, so I just scratch the day off the calendar by doing nothing (this is the extreme one), or, this is the easiest one, I watch FRIENDS.

I also used to dance in the room with my headphones on, having no problem if someone else was there. I haven’t done this in a while, but thank you for reminding me.

OR!!!! I invented this little game that makes you laugh no matter what! You should try it! You hold hands with a friend (the number doesn’t count) and you both start jumping like children in circle. Like a jumping ,,hora”. You should really try this one at home. Maluuj Sezatoare 6// What is one of the biggest lessons you’ve learned over the years about life and work?

To be patient. Well, I was kinda of born with a lot of it. I also learned to use patience as a self-defense weapon. Over the years, I also learned that if you want to help someone, make sure it is within your power to give a lending hand and that your life is also in perfect order. Otherwise you will both end up seeking & in need for help.

Professional wise, try to have a backup plan for any business you want to start on your own.

7// The incredible thing you discovered about yourself is….?

…that I have the power to make everything possible. It’s something I’m still discovering. I discovered that I am genuine kind and that I give my best to be impartial, rational and thankful.

I also discovered, but this was a long time ago, that all my life should be based on things that come easy to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not running from hard work or responsibilities, none of that; I just want to dedicate myself to achieve great results through things that I already know and am good at.

This is why I have the feeling that I will never know how to drive. I am still a beginner, and the risks that I am taking are minimum, so for now it’s wiser for me to take a cab to get from A to B. Let’s just say, I’m the kind of person who works hard and plays safe. 🙂

8// 2015 will be the year….

Honey, this is THE YEAR! This is the year when I want to grow as a person, as a soul, as a friend, as an illustrator and as an entrepreneur. I want to become more positive and communicative.

This year is the set off for my deco business and I aim to make it stable and sustainable.

On a more personal note, this year is the year when two of my friends will get super happily married and the year when I will buy myself a SMEG freezer. This is not going to be just my year, this is THE YEAR for everyone, I have a good feeling about it!

What a fun person to be around, don’t you think? You may discover more about Cristina and her work over her website & facebook page.

Thank you for tuning in, Bianca Zen 2© Image credit: Maluuj ↑


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