Wednesday: Celebrate Friendship

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Daily Zen Living / Heart to Heart

best friends

Dear friends,

Yesterday I got the chance to visit one of my dearest friends, A.

We go way back and share years and years of friendship, memories and common history. And though we don’t get the chance to see each other that often, every time we meet, it is like nothing changed between us. The love, the sympathy and the admiration we have for each other are like wine: they get better and stronger as years go by.

Yesterday’s meeting was particularly touching and on my way back home, I thought to myself what an immense gift it is to have wonderful people by your side. To constantly feel like someone’s got your back and to know that no matter what happens in life, there are people who are & will be there for you. Especially at turning points in your life.

Yes, people change. Yes, people drift away & friendships fade away. Sure, it happens. But there are also a few constants in anyone’s life and I’ve been blessed to have a handful of those constants in my life.

Loyal, rock-solid, time-proofed friendships are our safety net. 

We go on with our lives, we experience the good, the bad and the ugly & everything in between, and they are there: those one of a kind people who stay and walk beside us all along the way. No hidden agendas, no “what’s in it for me?”, no strings attached. Just unconditional care, genuine kindness, solidarity, encouragement and companionship.

Our friends know our flaws, our cracks, our heartaches, they witness our rise & fall, our bright days and our dark hours, and still, they are there. They stay put.

So, today, my dear & busy Zen friends, take a moment to yourself and give thanks for the wonderful people in your life.

Don’t take friendship for granted.

Celebrate it. Be grateful and appreciative of its real value. Cultivate and cherish real friendships and stop wasting your time & energy on people who don’t mean anything to you (hello, Facebook).

Pick your friends wisely and spend your time with those who matter most. Friendship is a rare thing, really, and it’s by far one of life’s most valuable gifts.

Wishing you a great day ahead,
Bianca Zen 2

 *image via favim


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