3 Things To Do On A Quiet Thursday

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Transformation Thursday

Pharrell Williams
Dear friends,

I woke up late this morning, at 8.30 that is. I didn’t even put up a fight with my alarm clock.
I just sat there and knew I needed more rest. So I listened to my body’s need and did just that: rest.

And though it was a smart decision to make, I haven’t quite done much work ever since. I checked the “urgent” items off my to-do list and postponed the “important” ones. But here I am, with not much to say on this quiet Thursday afternoon.

Today is all about gathering my thoughts, drawing ideas in my head and letting them breathe before putting them into action.

I’m in introspection-brainstorming-research mode today, all while listening to music, reading interesting/ inspirational articles and planning on taking a long walk to the nearby park.

With no further ado, and just before I take my sneakers out for a ride, here are my:

3 Things To Do On A Quiet Thursday

1. Listen ⇒ Hozier’s music from Eden. Thanks to a new friend on facebook, I discovered a new tune to set the right mood while creating, writing and doing stuff for my blog. It’s on repeat since this morning.

2. Get inspired ⇒ Word of the day: iDeliver

I found this written down in one of my 586086 notebooks and I thought it was so inspiring. Plain simple and straight to the point. I have no idea when I wrote it and whether I found it on the Internet or it just came to me. But that’s what today & in fact, this whole year is all about: delivering results. Making things happen. Moving ahead. Step by step, one day at a time.

3. Read ⇒ I loved Pharrell Williams’ Happy song & video just like everybody else. It was contagious and though I played it on and on for weeks, there are still days when I “happily” return to that song (no pun intended).

But it was only this morning when I discovered the multi-talented Pharrell Williams & his words of wisdom on productivity and success. Now I really like the guy. Just to get you curious, listen to this:

“When you envisage success, you should see all the people you work with, in addition to yourself. When I look at that picture, I see giant angels who are much smarter than me.” – Pharrell Williams

Check out the full interview here and let me know what you think. I’ve just put my headphones on and off I go.

Wishing you a quiet day today,
Bianca Zen 2

*Photo credit: Erik Madigan Heck via fastcompany



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