Cheers To A Happy Weekend

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Zen Family Bliss


Dear friends,

It’s almost weekend again. Yaaaay!
What are you up to?

I must confess I’ve been a bit under the weather today and that, for no particular reason. Mercury, you again! Retrograde much?

Anyway, coming back to our weekend plans, I just wrote an email to my friends to organize our family lunch on Sunday. This weekend we’re checking out this not-so-new Italian restaurant called Bocca Lupo. Have you already been there? And do you have any recommendation for a must-try dessert?

Also for Sunday, we’re planning to visit the Ars Amandi exposition at the Romanian National Museum of Art. There is something magical about spending our Sunday mornings at the museums. A certain kind of feeling. Much peace and quiet. And beautiful art.

Without us even knowing it, we turned this recurrent activity into a family tradition and to my great surprise, our little daughter enjoys it as much as we do. For her it’s probably the vast open space and the multitude of aisles to run along, but as long as she’s willing to join us every weekend, I’m not complaining. Au contraire.

Well, that’s about it, dear friends. Just a quick “Hello” and a short update from my part.

Wishing you a long & happy weekend,
Bianca Zen 2

 *image source theindivisual


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