Wanderlust On Monday: Wedding Bells In Kenya

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I’ve been married for almost 10 years now and not a year goes by, without me thinking of renewing our wedding vows, especially since our little daughter was born.

I picture the three of us on a white sandy beach near the ocean. The blue sky as our only witness. Frangipani flowers in my hair. Walking down the beach to meet my husband, while holding our little daughter by her hand. Just the three of us and our private celebration for the love & soul-connection we’ve been blessed to share. That for me, is the perfect scenery.

Which brings me to these beautiful, beautiful pictures I recently discovered.
Jonas Peterson must be one of the world’s most gifted photographers. I found his work, while surfing the holy wide web in one of those sleepless nights. I was impressed.

Next thing I knew, I was sharing links to his website with all my girlfriends.
“Awwww!”, was the unanimous reaction.

Nina and Sebastian got married in Masai Mara, Kenya. Nina is a wildlife photographer and has spent several months in the last years, documenting on the world’s last lions. She soon became close friends with the Maasai, who welcomed her into their lives and shared with her part of their traditions and lifestyle. It was only natural, that on her very special day as a bride, she was accompanied by her new friends, in one beautiful, one of a kind, multicultural wedding ceremony.

Please, have a look and enjoy. These pictures speak for themselves.
© All images by Jonas Peterson












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