Emotionally Bankrupt: How To Protect Ourselves From Hot Deals & Happy Hours

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Heart to Heart

Fake Chanel

Dear friends,

I have a question for you: did you ever give in into buying fake items? Were you ever lured by a one-time-only offer on a designer handbag or seduced by an irresistible price for an item that looked just like the original?

I have. Especially in my early days as a naive wide-eyed University student, when quantity over quality seemed to be the norm.

More than a decade later, I developed a bullet-proof system for knockoff wares and I’d rather stick to the best of what I can afford, than to jump through hoops and parking lots, to meet dubious vendors in their even more dubious cars with tinted windows and deceiving promises. Just for the record, I never actually bought anything from a parking lot.

Unfortunately, what I seem to be missing these days is a proper “fake people” radar. Which brings me to today’s subject:

How do we protect ourselves from fake, dishonest & two-faced people?

How do we stop from being fascinated by all those soap-bubble stories, deceiving business pitches and painted-on smiles?

How can I, a humanity loving person stop trusting other people? How can I detect the insincerity & hypocrisy in someone else, when my whole universe – from marriage & motherhood to business and professional conduct —is based and build on this core value, namely trust?

You know, when I meet someone new, I start with the presumption of innocence. When I look into their eyes and hear them talk, I try to see the light in them, not their darkness. However, there are times when no matter how hard I try to see that sparkle of light, my intuition whispers  a different tune into my ear. These are the times when I should be paying attention and protect myself, which, of course, I sometimes fail to do.

Piece of advice for all light-seekers out there:

I believe that there is a fine line between being innocent and being naive or ignorant. The first is much preferred to the latter and it spares you from going emotionally bankrupt. People in our lives come with different purposes — some to add more light & colour, while others to leave a dash of grey or a black trace behind them.

No matter what your belief system is, whether you trust or distrust everybody before they prove the contrary, know that you have this wonderful inner guide that you can and should always rely on.

Your gut feeling is an infallible compass. 

It protects you from frauds, swindlers and too-good-to-be true situations. Surely, you have heard the soft voice of your intuition before and considered it to be just a hunch, an unrealistic and absurd impression. Well, it’s not. Not once, have I been tricked by my intuition and I bet you haven’t been either.

So next time a super hot deal comes your way, in the form of Donald Trump or the Fairy Godmother, turn off the noise of your egocentric mind and tune in to the frequency of your intuition. That is where you will find out if the eye-catching Happy Hour/ Last Minute offer is a deal-maker or a deal-breaker.

Wishing you a great day today, Bianca Zen 2

*image via tonguechic


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