“Hygge” Or How To Enjoy Coziness In Winter

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Dear friends,

The other day I met my friend Elisabeth for coffee.

We have a lot in common, Elisabeth and I, so we enjoyed a great afternoon talking about life and business, kids, books, going out and new great places to be discovered in Bucharest. At one point we both remembered a tradition from our childhood, when our mamas or grandmas would have a certain day of the week when they would invite their girlfriends over for coffee and cake. In French I believe it’s called “jour fixe” and in German “Kaffeekränzchen“.

So, both Elisabeth and I, feeling nostalgic about those happy times in our lives, decided to organize our own Kaffeekränzchen. Yes, it may be easier to have a girls’ night out and dine at a fine restaurant, but then again, we are both so eager to relive the joy of having a handful of friends gathered around the table, serving coffee in beautiful porcelain cups and indulging in home-baked delicious cakes, while all of our children can play together. So that’s settled for us.

As a happy coincidence (okay, I don’t believe in coincidences, but still), I found an article on Mashable on “Hygge” – a cozy Danish custom who is said to cure the winter blues in no time.

In essence, this concept refers to spending some quality time with people you enjoy, whether it’s by having them over for a Kaffeekränzchen, a low-key pizza party or a movie marathon.

The key-words are: comfort, coziness, togetherness and well-being.

I love the concept and would like to make hygge a priority on my list. I look around and I see all of us in a constant hurry, in a never-ending race against the clock and I feel that this is not the life we want to be living.

“Get the kids ready for school, hurry for work, meet your deadlines, get the car checked out, hurry to the dry cleaning, pick up some groceries and hurry to fix dinner.” Sounds familiar? Sometimes that’s me thinking out loud (minus dropping the kids to school), wishing my day was longer than 24 hours, so that I could have enough time to finish everything on my to-do list.

Luckily, I soon return to my senses and come back to my slow/meaningful living philosophy. Nowadays, it’s more like “I don’t have time to be in a hurry” and “I don’t have time to waste on unimportant things”. What that means is that I’ve become extra selective with what I do with my time. I’m a mama and a wife, a newly entrepreneur and a fairly creative person. I’m sociable and I love the company of other people, but I don’t waste my time with meaningless meetings, gatherings or empty discussions.

My time is my treasure and I’ve decided some time ago that I’m fully in charge of it.

So, not to end this post on a sentimental note, I invite you to be king or queen of your own time and to spend it wisely with those who matter most. Have a Kaffeekränzchen, have a hygge party and let me know how it goes! And yes, you can hygge all by yourself too, just make sure you have a great book/ movie to accompany you and some comfort food by your side.

Wishing you a great, cozy day,
Bianca Zen 2

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