How These 5 Ideas Will Change The Way You Approach Success

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Zen Office Hours

Abbie Lengey

Dear friends,

I’ve got a question for you: what exactly does success mean to you?
Financial security? Romance? A multi-figure income? A trip around the world? A house full of children and a Golden Retriever running around? A private jet?

The other day, I was talking to my friend Dana, about what it means to be successful, while we took an impromptu walk to Cărtureşti Carusel. We looked at our lives and invariably, compared them to the lives of others, of those people we admire and who seem to be doing a great job in their professional lives.

Hard-working people. Entrepreneurs. Freelancers. Artists. People who put everything on the line to make their dreams happen.

Coming back home, while walking in slow motion with my still-not-recovered ankle, I also thought about some misconceptions and key-ingredients of success. Here is what I discovered:

1.// Each and every one of us has a different definition of success.

For me, success equals freedom. Freedom of being who I am (qualities and flaws stitched together). Freedom of making my own schedule. Freedom of doing the work I’m supposed to do (like this blog, right here).

Freedom of choosing how to live, who to love, what to eat & what to do with my time.
Success is the freedom of being me.

2.// Success is an ongoing process.

Let’s imagine you see someone you admire on the cover of Time magazine. You see the picture, read the headline and think to yourself:”He made it. He is successful!”

Newsflash: success doesn’t happen over night! What you see – the magazine cover in this case – is most likely the result of lots and lots of sleepless nights, long hours of intensive hard-work and constant dedication.

Success is a day-to-day commitment and it goes like this: you have a big vision for yourself, you want to bring something extraordinary into the world, you picture it, you leave your fears and doubts behind, and then you put all your ideas, attention and hard work into it.

You give it your best shot. Every. Single. Day.

3.// Success is a team performance.

While most successful people we know have started out by playing solo and doing everything by themselves, truth is, that once they’ve become popular and financially secure, they went out and hired (the best) people to work for them. From personal assistants to bookkeepers, from  customer service teams to talented website designers, P.R. people and so on.

As things take off and become more profitable, more people are brought in. And so, success becomes a team game.

4.// Success is a way of being, not of having.

I know I’ve said this before, but it’s so true: success is a state of mind.
You are as successful as you allow yourself to be.

In other words, a successful mindset is an inside job. You have to feel successful in order to become a successful person. It’s part energy, part behavioural psychology and yes, it’s a mind game too.

Successful people talk and behave in a certain manner. If you ask me, they even walk in a certain way. They ooze confidence. They know who they are and what (great work) they’re capable of. They know they’re worth.

5.// Success is learnable.

While some of us know exactly where they want to be and how to get there, some of us are still figuring things out in the dark.

The good news is that everything can be learned, discovered and improved. There are books, online & offline classes, articles, conferences, ebooks, blogs, vlogs, and everything else you can imagine. Everything you need to become a pro in your field is already out there. And sometimes it’s only a click away from you.

So, my dear Zen friends, as I wrap this post up, I encourage you to take a moment today and think about your own version of success. Imagine it, picture it and then go after it.

Become your own success story. Make your own rules, tailor everything according to your needs, your desires and your current status. And then, take the first step forward.

Wishing you a great & successful day ahead,
Bianca Zen 2 *image source: Abbey Lengey


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