Out Of My Comfort Zone: This Was My Challenge

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Heart to Heart

Move ahead

Dear friends,

Here’s a quick confession: today I took a biiig step out of my comfort zone! I made a video and I uploaded it on youtube. Bam. A big one for me.

You see, I’ve been a big admirer of Marie Forleo for some years now and it has been a dream of mine to enroll in B-School, Marie’s online business program. This year I decided to take the plunge and to apply for one of the scholarships she’s generously offering (and for that I had to make a video).

While I’m no video maker guru & I have no fancy equipment, I am a woman with a dream and a responsibility to make it happen. So, I shot the video myself with no idea on how to edit it and I released it into the world. Just. Like. That. I may have stuttered & looked silly in front of the camera, but nothing could stop me at this point. It is my belief that:

If you want something, you should give it your best shot and go get it.

That’s exactly what I did today: I gave it my best shot. And here’s another confession: once the video was online, I re-watched it and an overwhelming feeling of pride (okay, and some tears) came over me.

In my heart, I know that today was less about winning a scholarship, but about setting a milestone on the journey to fulfill my dreams.

For those of you out there, who are in a similar situation, caught between the fear of making a fool out of yourself and between taking a step further in the direction of your dream, I say:

Go for it! Go for your dream! Take action!

It’s always better to have a reason to laugh about when you’re older (“Hey, remember that crazy video I made in my thirties?”), than to live with regrets and an unanswered question to “What could have been, if only I…?”.

Sending you much love, have faith and have courage!

*Image credit: Matthew WiebeBianca Zen 2



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