Time for Everything

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In the flow

As I’ve told you before, these past weeks have been like a roller-coster ride.

I’ve been sick and I’ve been too busy to be sick, I tried to ignore it, I tried to look beyond my health condition and I tried to work through it as best as I knew how.

As a mama, a wife and an entrepreneur, life is always busy for me. There is always something to be done, to be scheduled, to be checked off my never-ending lists. To-do lists, e-mails, calls, professional gatherings, administrative tasks, chores around the house, grocery lists…you name it! I have different notebooks for each “chapter” of my life. And until know, I thought I was doing a great job. I was handling it. Life, I mean.

But the other day, I had a short moment of revelation while pouring coffee from my french press – yes, I started drinking coffee again. While I was standing barefoot on my kitchen floor with cuppa in hand and 1000 thoughts per second running through my head, I stopped and thought: there is a time for everything.

Such a simple phrase and suddenly everything became brighter and clearer. Indeed, there is a time for work, for pushing and pulling, as there is also a time for quietude, for rest and introspection. There is a time for research, for creativity and inspiration, as there is also a time for a creativity hiatus and for not-doing-much.

Each cycle has its own importance and flow.

Sadly, it is us who swim against the current, in an unsuccessful attempt to do it all, have it all and be it all…all at once.

This is a great lessons for myself, a recovering control-freak, who’s always trying harder and harder, until my body hurts and asks for a well-deserved time-out. There are times when 24 hours are not enough for me and when all the ideas and plans I have can’t possibly fit my head, let alone my life. Hahaha!

But the big conclusion is this: there is a time for everything. There’s no use to feeling guilty and overworking ourselves to exhaustion. Balance is key. Recalibration is demanded. Regrouping and rest are crucial.

The engine needs to cool off.

At least mine really needed to. And that’s okay. I know that now.

If you’re in a similar situation, trying to play Superman/ Superwoman 24/7 my advice is this: take your time and manage it wisely. Create pockets to work and create pockets to rest and relax. Respect your social/ professional engagements, but also take note and care of your own needs and demands. There is really a time for everything.

Wishing you a great day ahead,
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  1. Andreea Faur says

    Very inspiring for the control freak I am, but the new life as a mother of 2 is “healing” me from managing everything 🙂

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