The Atlas of Beauty

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Dear friends,

On a day that started kind of rocky for me, I have found the time and space to talk and spread the news about…beauty. Natural beauty. Universal beauty. Different shapes and forms of beauty.

I’ve met Mihaela Noroc via social media and I instantly fell in love with her wonderful photography. Mihaela is one of those lucky people (her family name actually means  “Luck”), who have a unique gift and who’s not afraid to share it with the world. Au contraire. Mihaela travels the world to share her gift.


One of her most amazing projects is called “The Atlas of Beauty” and it features beautiful women from all corners and imaginable places of the world. 60 countries. One camera and one courageous girl pursuing her dream. As time has passed, Mihaela’s ambitious project has become viral and people from all around the globe have enjoyed her work.

These days, Mihaela is on a mission. She wants to take things further and cover what has remained unseen & un-photographed. The good news is that we can all take part of this amazing journey and support Mihaela’s dream.

For more details, please click on this link here.
Let’s join forces and go along with her on this one of a kind journey. Let us all be part of the Atlas of Beauty.

Wishing you a great day ahead,
Bianca Zen 2

*Photo credit: All images by Mihaela Noroc






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