Yoga & Kindergarten: One Step at a Time

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yoga at home

Dear friends,

I just dropped off my little one at the kindergarten. Today is her first day.

In my mind, I started preparing for this moment in advance, about two weeks ago. I prepared myself for tears and a heartbreaking farewell. I was even ready to spend a couple of hours waiting for her in the car, just outside the kindergarten, only to make sure that everything is alright.

What I didn’t prepare for was…normality, flow, balance, easiness. But that’s how our morning looked like. Everything went nice, smooth and easy. We didn’t jump out of bed scared to be late, we didn’t have a meltdown over clothes, stuffed animals or shoes, we had no traffic or mad drivers to be angry at. Instead we had breakfast together in the comfort and tranquility of our home, we played music in the car and laughed & talked the whole way to the kindergarten. Just like that.

On my way back home I thanked God for this lovely morning and asked myself over and over again:”That was it? That easy?”

The answer so far is “Yes, that easy. As everything else should be.”

Moving on to the yoga practice I recently adopted, I must confess I was a skeptic. I am far from being a sporty type of person, so in my mind, yoga was a milestone a bit too far for my appetite. However, after those weeks of back pain/ ankle pain and long recovery, I promised myself I would give it a shot and try to work out at least every now and then. One thing led to another, so I thought of trying yoga for beginners.

After the first class (at home), I felt great. My body felt great. It was like it was thanking me for the exercise. Again, my expectations were exceeded in the best way possible.

Which brings me to the conclusion of this post: more often than not, we tend to believe and prepare in advance for things to go wrong. Be it yoga classes or a dreaded first day at the kindergarten, I for one, was ready to face the worst.

Life took me by surprise and taught me a lessons: yes, chances are that things will go wrong, but chances are also that things will turn out great, even better than expected. This was the case with the two situations described above.

We must remember that while there is a worst case scenario, there is also a best case scenario and that it is preferable for us to prepare and aim for the latter.

Keep your spirits high, dear Zen friends! Stay positive and be open to try new things & to live new experiences. Chances are your expectations will be exceeded, just like mine were.

Wishing you a great day ahead – I’m just getting ready for my yoga class!
Bianca Zen 2
*Image via codyapp


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