Driving Miss Zara

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Dear friends,

The other day I mentioned among other things, that I love to drive my little daughter to the kindergarten.

Today was no exception. We woke up really early, had breakfast, watched some cartoons and then got ready for the day. Today’s drive was particularly pleasant and funny – we laughed, we counted red umbrellas on our way and invented stories about fairies.

My little one was in a very good mood and so was I, though I didn’t get much sleep last night.

After a magical farewell, when she turned my way and wished me in all innocence a two year old is capable of: “Have a good day, mommy!”, I came back home and thought that no matter what other roles I have to fulfil in my daily life, this one – the mama-driver role is by far one of the coolest. You see, these tiny moments of connection and “togetherness”, when the two of us are in the car and talk the way we talk and sing the way we sing, are golden moments for me.

While a lot of parents out there (and I totally understand some of their reasons: multiple jobs, daily commutes, hectic schedules etc.) dread driving their kids to school/ nursery/ kindergarten, I feel quite the opposite: I really look forward doing just that.

“What’s the big deal?”, you may ask. Well, for me it is a big deal. And a privilege.

I get to be the personal chauffeur of the most important person in my life.

I get to see her get safe to kindergarten and to endlessly kiss her goodbye. And above everything…I get to see that illuminating smile of hers, when she sees me standing out in the crowd waiting for her.

These instants are filed in my book under the tag “Priceless Moments” and there is nothing out there that can compensate or even rise up to their uniqueness.

What about you, dear Zen friends? What are some of your “Priceless moments” with your kids? What are you looking forward doing every day?

Wishing you a great afternoon,
Bianca, aka Zara’s Personal (and Proud) Driver

*Photo via imgkid


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