Black Tea & Bright Energy

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Heart to Heart / Zen Family Bliss

Unexpected turn

Dear friends,

Today I feel like I’m entitled to many cups of bergamot-flavoured black tea & Oreo. That’s right!
A whole box of Oreo, plus whatever feels tasty, yummy, sweet & decadent. Today there’s no limit.

Here is the back story: we left last Friday for what was supposed to be a beautiful, long, relaxing Easter weekend. Instead, we’ve been rushed to the hospital, my little one and I, where we spent our Easter holiday among other patients, doctors and nurses. I’ll spare you the medical details and just tell you that we are back home now and we’re doing fine. We’re recovering.

This is the second time around when life offers me an unexpected turn to what was supposed to be a great family holiday (read about my Bali experience here) and though most people would be terribly disappointed with the outcome (including my old self), I am at peace. You see,

Over the years, I’ve come to realize (as clicheic as it sounds) that everything happens for a reason and that once we manage to trust the process of Life, we will take things as they come and quit fighting them.

Don’t get me wrong…this Easter holiday will be surely remembered over the years as a one of a kind experience. But I won’t look back upon it with disappointment, but with much gratitude. From where I’m standing today, we were lucky to get in time at the hospital and to be treated with care and attention by the most professional medical team I’ve met so far.

Things were divinely orchestrated and really worked in our favour, so that today I can happily hold my little one in my arms knowing that she was protected and taken care of at all times. Thank God!

What I want you to take from this post is a message of hope, of faith and detachment.

I’ve learned by personal experience that things aren’t always what they seem to be – including failures, unexpected events and unanticipated experiences. Even the darkest hours have a a shimmer of light, as every cloud has a silver lining.

Trust Life, trust yourself and receive whatever is coming your way. Learn to accept things as being part of the game and try to make the best out of every situation.

Wishing you a great afternoon,
Bianca Zen 2

*Image via Francien


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