Shake it off: How to Stop Feeling Stuck

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Daily Zen Living / Heart to Heart


Dear friends,

Have you ever felt stuck in a situation, in a phase or in a recurrent pattern?

Do you know those days when things seem to be held up? Delayed? Canceled?

Do you ever have those days when everything moves slowly or backwards, and you begin to lose your patience & your inner balance? Do you know those moments when you feel like your hands are tied and that there is nothing you can do about it?

Well, everyone has those kind of days. I know I have them too.
Recently, I experienced one of those moments when everything I wanted was to pull the curtains together and hide under the blankets. I was tired, annoyed and fed up with things that didn’t work out as planned.

However, I was far too busy with life to afford the luxury of hiding under a rock. Complaining and nagging was also out of the question and out of character for me, so with no other option left, I pulled myself together and got back on track.

However, in the middle of what seemed another hectic day, I stumbled upon a quote that was just what I needed in order to see things differently. Here it goes:


Ta-daaaa. Clear and simple. I mean, why not see things from a different angle?

While I still hate the feeling of being stuck in a situation or a feeling, I understand now that this state of “stuckness” is not so bad after all. Here are my conclusions:

1. Stuckness simply means that things need to be changed. 

This is the perfect opportunity to take a moment and to re-evaluate things. Don’t try to ignore the situation, hoping that it will magically disappear. It won’t. Ignorance is never helpful. On the other hand, acknowledgement always is.

Pinpoint what works for you and what doesn’t, identify what’s really bothering you and know that this is the first step to improve your current situation.

2. Stuckness calls for your full attention.

This is a wake-up call. When you get to that point where you keep on repeating the same negative experience over and over again, it’s a clear sign that you failed to learn a lesson. That is why, I wholeheartedly encourage you to look within and to ask yourself:”What do I need to learn from this?” Be sincere and let the right answer be heard. Your intuition will guide you to it.

3. Stuckness calls for a better plan.

Once you have identified what’s wrong (with all its intricate meanings), you can roll up your sleeves and map out a plan.

Instead of lingering in a dreaded state of “meh”, you can shake it off and CHANGE things. Dissolve them if you must. Renew them. Improve them. Redesign & reshape them to your liking.

The good news is that everything can be changed, including ourselves. The quality of life – our life, that is – can be improved at all times and it all starts with the moment we admit:”This is not working out for me. I’m done. I’m going to change/ fix this.”

Take full responsibility and take action.

Don’t blame others and don’t blame yourself for what has been before. Focus only on the present moment and make it a top priority to improve, to enrich and to sweeten your life.

Once you’ve reached this point, I have another good news for you: you are officially unstuck. You’re moving forward!

Wishing you a great day & a lovely Zen weekend,
Bianca Zen 2

 *Photo by Rafael Gamo via ArchDaily ∴ *Quote via TheThingsWeSay


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