I’m Resilient, Therefore I Am (Happy)

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Dear friends,

It’s been a rough weekend for us. My little one has caught a cold or a virus of some sort, so these days we juggled with homeopathic remedies, moodiness, fever and yes, sleepless nights.

Luckily, in a couple of days we’re flying over to Istanbul for a short vacation and that’s been our shimmer of light through these challenging days. Truth is that we’re exhausted! We understand that this is normal, that all kindergarten kids come down with the flu (from time to time), but for us it seems like the exception turned into normality.

Anyway, this is not a sad-complaining-blue-Monday kind of post. This is one of those posts where I tell you that everything is doable and “figureoutable” as Marie Forleo says.

Sometimes in order to survive a hectic period of your life, you have to be resilient.

You have to take what you got and make the best out of it. There is no use in fighting it, resisting it or feeling miserable about it.

There are days when your schedule is all messed up, when chores add up to the ceiling and when things go sour. And it’s okay. Life is like that. Ups and downs. Highs and lows. It’s fun, but it’s unpredictable.

As soon as we start accepting that life is a surprising journey, we can take each day more easily. 

Resilience is my secret weapon whenever things don’t turn out as planned.

Take this weekend, for instance. We had plans to do a lot of things, but instead, we went to a single event (The Light Festival) and stayed in for the rest of the weekend. We cooked, we baked a pie and watched cartoons. That’s that. It was not the end of the world, it was just a different kind of weekend. Can we live with it? Sure thing! It wasn’t so bad after all.

In the past though, I used to get upset and frustrated about the things I could not control: bad weather, traffic jams, colds & medical conditions, delays, cancelations. All of these got on my nerves and I had such a hard time fighting them and mostly, accepting them.

Nowadays, I’m in a different place. I take things as they come. I still make plans, but I keep my options open.

From time to time, I still get the bitter taste of disappointment when things change, but I try as much as I can to be flexible and to make the best out of every given situation.

Resilience is what makes us more positive, more optimistic and surely, much wiser. We bend in the wind of life and come back stronger. We know that we are flexible, yet unbreakable and that we will make it no matter what. This is how resilient people feel. The good news is that anyone can learn how to be like that.

Adaptability. Acceptance. Openness. Faith. Flexibility. Self-confidence. These are the key ingredients for resilience.

If you recognise yourself in any of these qualities, then you’re half way through. You have the potential to learn how to be resilient and to accept each day as it comes.

Truth is that resilient people are much happier people, so I think it’s all worth the try!

Have a great day & see you all on Thursday,
Bianca Zen 2

* Image via Makleo


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