Happiness is Here & Now

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Daily Zen Living / Heart to Heart


Dear friends,

By the time you will be reading this, I will be most probably having a Turkish coffee in one of Istanbul’s traditional coffee shops.

I thought of writing this post, right then and there, but then again, I said I will just enjoy the time off and leave my laptop at home. Sometimes and especially after some hectic days, all you really need is some time and space to breathe. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do: Pause. Breathe. Regroup.

In the meantime, while I am gone, I would like to talk to you about what I call #instantZen and #instantHappiness. It’s nothing fancy, nothing New-Age-y, no brooms and no hocus-pocus involved.

It’s all about taking a moment and saying to yourself with gratitude and conviction:

“Happiness is here and now.”

That’s it.

Even when I’m stuck in traffic or caught up in the middle of a household chaos, I stop for a minute and say:” Happiness is here and now.” Of course, that doesn’t make the “problem” go away, but it keeps me grounded and makes me look pass the current situation. Which is temporary, anyway.

There are few things in life that really matter: love, family & friends, connection, freedom, health & wellbeing. In one word, Happiness (with a capital letter). The rest is all relative.

I’ll give you an example: last week it was our daughter’s birthday. Usually it is me who takes care of the reservations, invitations, birthday cake etc. This time though, my husband wanted to take care of everything and found a new restaurant, that he was really excited about.

He made the reservations and one day before the birthday party, we decided to check it out anyway. To put it nicely: it was awful. Industrial looking, no trees, no green space, no nothing. It looked terrible. I really wanted to tell him all this and to try to find a last-minute alternative. But then, just before I opened my mouth, I realised that my ego was playing tricks on me.

In the end, did it really matter that we would spend a couple of hours in a place that I didn’t particularly like (okay, I really hated the place!), but that he and apparently our little one really enjoyed? No, it really didn’t matter.

I kept an open mind and looked at the big picture. The essence of this event was to celebrate our daughter’s birthday, not to please my aesthetic taste. (Luckily, it rained that day, so we switched reservations to a place I loved, hihihi).

“Happiness is here and now.” I come back to that. We get easily tangled up with our ego, with insignificant details of “how”, “why” and “what if”, when in reality, there is so little we should be focusing on.

Have a good coffee.
Enjoy your time with your family.

Talk, share, laugh. Have a blast.
Stay in the now.

Give the ego a break and go enjoy yourself while you are still young (at heart) and alive.

Sending you a big hug and a virtual postcard from Istanbul.
With all my love,
Bianca Zen 2

*Image by Selda D. via pinterest


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