Monday: Add more ‘Re’ to Your Life

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Daily Zen Living

MondayDear friends,

If it’s Monday, then it’s time for a new post from my part.

As I am writing these lines, I’m sitting on the beach with my headphones on, though I’m actually at home, in Bucharest. You see, I recently discovered, a wonderful application for desktop & smartphones, which allows you to take a pause and meditate. You may choose from different types of sceneries and sounds (rainforest, sunrise/sunset on the beach, mountain spring etc.) and just let yourself be calm and meditate for 2 – 20 minutes.

Okay, that was the intro. Now coming back to today’s topic, I wanted to talk to you about the ‘Re’ in our lives. “The what?”, you may ask. Before I answer your question, let me tell you a quick story.

The other day, I was invited to the “Namaste, India” Festival in Bucharest by my friend, Andreea. As you all may know by now, India was the country which opened a door within our souls, during our sabbatical year, so it was only natural to say “Yes!!!” and to go out and celebrate.

After a yoga class and an empowering speech on gratitude performed by Andreea, I returned home with my husband and our little daughter, Zara, and tried to focus on all those small and big things that I am grateful for having in my life.

One thing led to another and so, I started thinking about the ‘Re’ in my life.

The yearly rejuvenation.

The daily restart.

The everyday reconnection with those I love.

More words came out of nowhere: refresh, renew, regroup, re-energise, reinvigorate, redefine, redesign, redo, restore, rebuild, rekindle, reschedule, replay, recall, relive, recreate, re-empower. You get the picture…

So, I said to myself, why don’t we just hit the ‘Re’ button in our life and try to make it better, more pleasurable and liveable? Why not start things over? We get this amazing & unique chance every day and every moment, so let’s take it and use it well!

I, for one, plan to do just that, this week: to re-connect with myself, to re-interpret lessons from the past and to re-commit to whatever makes me feel happy, relaxed and loved.

What about you, my Zen friends? What’s the ‘Re’ you want to use in your life?
I’ll be happy to hear all your ideas on this subject.

Wishing you a wonderful re-start in the week!

With much love,
Bianca Zen 2

*Image via dailydoseofstuff

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