Know This Now: You Are Enough

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Heart to Heart

Ocean Rainbow

Dear friends,

This Thursday’s post comes after two days of emotions, enthusiasm, doubt, fear, tears, questions, more questions, more tears and yes…closure.

Here’s the thing: I am standing before a major decision in my life and that is to move my home office and rent a place of my own, where I can write, create, work and do stuff for my soulful business.

Of course, as every leap of faith, this one comes with a mixture of feelings from the most positive ones to the not so positive ones. To be precise and totally honest with you: I am petrified. You see…

When it comes to our dreams, we are never 100% ready.

Or at least, that’s my case. We are never totally prepared for “what can be”, no matter how much effort, attention or life we have put into our dreams. There will always be a question, a fearful projection, a worst case scenario, fears, limiting beliefs etc.

In my case, I still have some doubts, but I feel I should do it anyway. I should take the jump.

This time I will listen to the voice of my heart and less to the voice of my ego. My ego, most likely just like yours, is telling me that I should wait, that maybe I’m not good enough or ready enough, or that I’m not there yet (sounds familiar?). My heart, on the other hand, is telling me that I will never know “what can be”, if I don’t even give it a try. A real try.

So here I am today, on a sunny afternoon, standing before you with an open heart and a perfect example of what a normal human being can go through at one point in their life.

Even the most Zen people among us, have fears, have doubts and face indecisions. But then again, it is within us where we can find the strength and the courage to press pause or to keep on going in the direction of our dreams.

As for me, this time, I’ve decided to go with my heart. And to follow its calling. I’d rather live with the experience that it just didn’t work out, than to live with the too-hard-to-swallow regret that I didn’t even try.

My thoughts for you today are these:

Go where your heart is calling you.

Look within you for all the right answers.

Give wings to your dreams and know that you are (and always were) enough.

Just before I go, there is one more thing I want to share with you.

Here is an inspiring interview featuring Marie Forleo and Colleen Saidman Yee, whom I both admire and respect so much. Their talk on fear and on being enough, was what inspired me to write this post and to look beyond what my fear was showing me.

Sending you much love,
Bianca Zen 2 *Image by Thomas 3667


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