Cheers to New Beginnings!

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Dear friends,

It’s on! I’m moving this week!

Hip! Hip! Hooray! The champagne is on ice, (some) new furniture is about to be delivered, boxes are everywhere and I’m ready to move into the new place I rented. My own office.

I must confess, it’s a bit of a chaos, but I’m happy and excited for this new phase in my life. Also, I’m really proud of myself! You see,

Every change comes with a price.

And by that I don’t literally mean the price of the rent, although that’s an important aspect as well. What I mean is, that every major change includes an emotional stretch out of our comfort zones.

Take me for example: for the past two years I’ve been working with an international team of creative people, designing and selling ZEN jewellery from the comfort of my own home office. It was comfortable, safe and intimate. And I was available to work 24/7.

Things have changed though, business has grown and I feel like it is time to take everything to the next level. Including myself.

As a former Executive Search Consultant, I used to interact with lots of people (clients, colleagues and partners) on a daily basis. Once I decided to quit and to start my own business, things got very creative, but also very quiet. There are days when I miss all the buzzing and humming, the staff meetings, the creative synergies, the coffee breaks. You know…the live interaction.

And so, though I don’t feel 100% prepared to take this step, I’ll do it anyway. I’ll take a leap of faith, following the sweet voice of my intuition, knowing that I’ll be fine. I’ll be growing. I’ll be expanding. And not only from a professional point of view, but from a personal one too.

In my heart, I know that whatever will happen, I will benefit from this experience.

Yes, changes come with a price, but sometimes that price is totally worth paying.

My ZEN thoughts for you today are these:

Welcome Life with an open heart.
Welcome change with an open mind.

Create space for new beginnings and new experiences.
Leave doubt and fear behind and look for new traveling buddies.

Let your inner compass guide you. Let your intuition be your pathfinder.

Trust Life and above all, trust yourself.

Next time, this Thursday to be precise, I’ll show you some pictures of the new office/creative space. Until then, I’m sending you much love and Zen vibes.

Have a beautiful & inspiring Monday,
Bianca Zen 2

*Image via meliorsolutions



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