Monday: See The Light In You

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Ray of light

Dear friends,

Today’s post is written with a grateful heart for everything that has happened during these past days. As you already know by now, I finally moved offices – from a little home studio to a beautiful Art Nouveau-inspired space.

Today is the first official day.
I already received guests and clients and I’ve done some (not much, but still) creative work. I’m settling in, as they say.

This old building is amazing: the high ceilings, the beautiful staircase, the wide windows, the squeaking wooden floor, my bright room…and the bittersweet nostalgic atmosphere. All these give me a sense of belonging and familiarity. I feel like I’m supposed to be here.

If you would have asked me about a month ago about renting a place of my own, I would have answered that it’s a nice dream, but that it’s far from becoming real. Well, fortunately, life proved me wrong.

More often than not, we tend to believe that all great dreams have a beyond the horizon release date.  

We say “someday” and sigh, believing that that day is faraway. We set extended due dates to “what will be”, not knowing that dreams can move faster than our limiting beliefs, if only we would step aside and allow them to come true.

That’s exactly my case, with finding & renting this beautiful office.

I had my hopes, as I had my doubts, I had a dream and I had a nasty ego too that said:”You can’t do it. You are not there yet.” Then one day, I chose not to listen to my ego anymore and to give my dream time and space to breathe. And to become real.

I didn’t want to think about the “How” and the “When”, because I knew that by doing so, my mind would be flooded by endless questions, by fear and an unsolicited dose of self-doubt. And yet, here I am today:

I’m living my dream.

If I could do it, then surely you can do it too! I really mean it.

I know how difficult it is to keep a positive attitude when things around you seem to fall apart, when they stagnate or reach a dead end. I also know the feeling of self-doubt, of inadequacy and of not being good enough. I experienced each and every one of them at a certain point in my life and I must tell you: they’re not real. Most limiting beliefs have no real basis, they’re made out of thin air or of other people’s opinions.

“It can’t be done.” “You must wait.” “You are too young/ too unexperienced.” “Don’t take the risk.” “Think things over.” Sounds familiar?

But what if today, I would tell you quite the opposite? What if…

It can be done.
Everything you ever wished for can become real.

You can do it. You have it in you.
You are already there.

I say this with all my heart and conviction. I am the living proof that things can change in your favour in the blink of an eye. Our dreams are not just beautiful stories we tell ourselves, but valid and possible scenarios we deserve living.

See the light in you, my dear Zen friends, and never lose hope or sight of your dreams!

Wishing you a wonderful afternoon,
Bianca Zen 2

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    • Wise words, my dear Marta! Thank you 🙂

      P.S. What I meant by stepping aside, was to leave our fear aside and to allow our dreams to have a life of their own. 😉

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